What is the Best Day to Receive Direct Mail? 

If you are looking for a better time for your direct mail to reach your target audience, the best days to deliver it are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. By Tuesday, people have already forgotten about the weekend and are back to work. On mid-week days, people are more likely to open and read their mail. Also, they are more likely to be attentive to the mail they receive these days. On Monday, the competition for direct mail is at its lowest. Prospects are aware of everything in their environment, and your direct mail is more likely to be read. 

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Avoid sending direct mail on Sundays 

Avoid sending direct mail on Sundays. It is very unprofessional and even disturbing to deliver mail on a Sunday. It is also like invading someone’s private space, which is not pleasant. Your targeted audience is probably away on Sundays, having a restful weekend. Mail delivery on a Sunday is also quite costly. Consider other important factors before you start sending direct mail on a Sunday. Read on to learn more about this matter.

Generally, people do not open their mail on a Sunday. It is likely to be thrown into the garbage and not even noticed. It is even more likely to be missed on Mondays, as most households will be in weekend mode. Sending direct mail on a Sunday is not only unattractive, but it is also expensive. Therefore, avoid sending direct mail on a Sunday. However, you can still send your mail on a Monday, as most household mail is delivered on that day. 

Avoid sending direct mail on Mondays 

While you can send your direct mail campaign any day of the week, there are days when the postal service does not recommend sending it. For example, Monday is the day when most household mail arrives. This is not a good day to send your direct mail because most households are in weekend mode and are more likely to discard it when they return from the weekend. On the other hand, Tuesday to Thursday are considered good days to send mail because they are the end of the working week and far enough away from the weekend that most households are active. 

However, despite these concerns, there are other good reasons to avoid sending direct mail on Mondays. First of all, you have to avoid annoying your audience on Monday. Most people prefer to read their mail on Tuesdays and are more likely to open it if it arrives on a Tuesday. Also, Mondays are the busiest day of the week and many people read their mail during their lunch break. Therefore, Mondays are not a good day for sending direct mail, as people have little time to check their mailboxes. 

Avoid sending direct mail on bank holidays 

Bank holidays are not ideal days for mailing direct mail. Not only will people not expect to receive mail on a holiday, but they are also more likely to throw it in the trash. It is important to plan your mail deliveries to avoid problems. Especially if you send your direct mail on a Tuesday, your delivery date might be pushed to Wednesday or Thursday instead. In this case, your campaign may not perform as well as you would have hoped. 

Banks also do not process your direct deposit during a bank holiday. Some banks will only process your direct deposit on the next business day. If the bank holiday you plan to send your direct mail on is a Sunday, consider sending it on the Friday before or after. If the bank has multiple branches, try to find out the hours that are open during that day. Banks that have multiple branches may change their hours during certain holidays, so be sure to check their website in advance to avoid mailing on these days. 

Avoid sending direct mail on Tuesdays 

While most people think that Tuesdays are the best days to send out direct mail, there are plenty of other reasons to avoid this day. Tuesday is one of the least annoying days of the week. Most people look forward to the weekend, so Friday mail is often ignored. Likewise, Saturday mail is also less important than Friday mail, and many people are not home on Saturday. Neither of these factors means that your direct mail campaign will not be seen or read. 

First, avoid sending direct mail on Mondays. Most households receive bulk mail on Monday, so if possible, you should avoid sending your mailing on this day. You may end up coming across as a pest after a long day at work. Second, avoid sending direct mail on Tuesdays if you can. Unless you have a very important deadline, Mondays are not the best days to send mail. As a result, many people will disregard your direct mail.