For years businesses have gotten ahead by outsourcing work to outside partners. The idea is that freeing up employees to focus on more robust work like increasing sales and customer service is cost-efficient which in turn increases productivity and profits. While the art of sending mail may seem like an easy task to you, the mail operation in your business may require a more complex network of individuals all working together to make sure your mail moves efficiently. This team of individuals tasked with keeping things moving smoothly is expensive and takes away from core business growth. This is one of the reasons many businesses chose to outsource their printing and mailing.

Even more expensive than your mail operation itself is the potential impact of the slow-moving mail operation of a business. If invoices and other crucial mailers are not scheduled and fall behind this may result in late fees, cash flow problems, as well as other expensive surprises. Outsourcing your mail may not eliminate all human error but it will provide you with a sense of security and accountability. With the advancement in technology expanding exponentially, so is the pace at which businesses are doing business. For these reasons and in order to compete in this fast-paced environment, many businesses have turned to outsourcing.
Some business owners have fears of relinquishing control over some of their processes and most third-party companies will understand those fears. Outsourcing businesses have made it their mission to quell those fears of business owners by providing exceptional customer experiences and secure, reliable printing and mailing.

It is important to take the time to evaluate your own business to determine if outsourcing is the right business decision for you. Every business is different so making an informed decision about outsourcing is going to require some planning and a bit of information gathering. Here are a few of the factors to investigate when it comes to outsourcing your printing and mailing: cost, space and time.

How Much Money Will You Save?

You will want to determine if outsourcing will end up saving your business money. Do the math. How much are you spending now on your internal mail and print operation? Several years ago the USPS estimated that the cost to mail a 1-page letter was $1.65 when all the cost factors were added up. Chances are very good that outsourcing will bring down your actual mail and print costs. By using a printing and mailing service provider you can save on labor and materials. You can also eliminate the costs related to expensive machine maintenance as well as the monthly lease or loan payments for those same machines.

Also, within the scope of the cost, you’ll want to factor in the decrease in wasted materials. You’ll also want to attach a cost to the peace of mind you’ll feel when your mail and print operations are working as efficiently as possible and in your best interest. All these things will add up to show how cost-effective outsourcing would be to your business. When examining this particular factor, you must also look at the future of the business and whether or not your current internal infrastructure can withstand your expected growth. If so, great! If not, you should also look at the potential cost of growing your printing and mailing operation to manage that expansion that is now occupied by equipment, paper inventory, etc.

Are You Outgrowing Your Space?

Is your business growing? Do you need more physical space? As a business grows, physical space for the business can become limited. Eventually, you may outgrow your space but before jumping into a new office space with a larger floor plan, take the time to consider the room that could potentially be freed up by outsourcing your printing and mailing operation. Partnering with an outside service provider can save you tons of actual physical real estate inside your office or business.

This frees up valuable room for your employees and other work to get done. You might not realize how much space your printing and mailing operation is costing you. Outsourcing makes it possible for your business to restructure already occupied space because the physical operation of printing and mailing is now off-site and in the hands of another business. Let them worry about it! That company takes on the responsibility of maintaining the printing and mailing operation and you no longer need to make room for it.

How Much Time Will You Save?

Does it seem like there are never enough hours in the day? Believe it or not, your printing and mailing operation may be costing you valuable time. Time is the one thing that makes us all equal and outsourcing your printing and mailing could give you back at that time. Businesses all over the country are reinvesting the time they saved by outsourcing these procedures. The reinvestment of this time can have an impressive effect on your business as a whole.

With the introduction of outsourcing to their business plan, many businesses have reported an increase in productivity and also a more seamless workflow. Initially, businesses share concerns that bringing on a team to fulfill your printing and mailing needs might actually end up costing them time but this is not the case. On top of saving your business time and minimizing your delays, a poorly run printing and mailing operation can have long-lasting effects on your business and reputation. When deciding whether to outsource you should put a value on the time saved by expanding your business in this way.

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