To say that timely communications are a cornerstone of any successful business relationship between seller and client is the understatement of the year. In fact, effective communication is the key to success for any business or personal relationship. In the modern era, communication is both supported and disrupted by current technological advancements. As we have invented new gadgets, new ways of communicating from computer email to texting, instant messaging to voice memos, it seems we are becoming less and less capable of clear face-to-face communication, handwriting cards, and letters, and sending messages that are not so open to interpretation. And in the meantime, we have lost our ability to read non-verbal signs and signals, understand basic communication tools such as proxemics, or body language, as well as eye and physical contact. Scientists have confirmed that subsequently, we are losing our ability to empathize. And empathy is one of the key facets of communication that builds strong relationships.

It is so easy for electronic communication to lead to miscommunications of all kinds. From misconstruing the tone of a work email to misreading a text from a close friend, the world is becoming more and more fraught with misunderstandings. Every day, communication scientists and theorists are studying the effects of the digital age on our ability to communicate effectively with one another. In many realms, younger generations are feeling the effects greatly and are returning to older models of communication and technology in order to enhance connection and rebuild our waning skill sets. The record player, calling rather than texting, and mailing cards and letters are actually re-emerging as a popular way to reconnect with ways that help us feel more in touch with one another.

Statement Printing and Mailing

Printed and mailed statements are also experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Older generations and those living in rural areas with unreliable Internet are hesitant to learn new techniques such as computers, email, and texting. And younger generations are beginning to resent the fast-paced technological advancements that keep them disconnected from personal relationships. What some would consider ‘old school’ is now becoming more and more popular. Though the art of printing and mailing statements has never really gone out of fashion, more and more people want to see that hard copy of their assets, their membership updates, their church bulletins, and their expenses sent by snail mail, rather than email or text. And with identity theft by computer being on the rise, even more, people are resisting the electronic sharing of data.

Enter the printed and mailed statement. Most businesses send regular mail to their clients. From banks to dentist offices, regular statements must be mailed if not monthly, certainly quarterly or annually. From tax statements to account updates, generating business mail comprises a huge part of any organization. In any office, one can find handfuls of employees working on computers to format, design, track, update, print, and mail statements of all kinds. And that is no small task. In fact, it can take weeks to prepare the monthly or quarterly mailings for clients. It can be a job full of drudgery, monotony, and fraught with errors and difficulties. Broken or jammed printers, damaged hard drives with data, slow Internet, sick employees, and myriad challenges make statement printing and mailing an arduous journey. And yet, as discussed, timely and accurate communication is one of the keys to a successful business.

Outsourcing Versus In-House

It is understandable that some businesses attempt to handle everything in-house without outsourcing any services to other partners. There are reasons for this ranging from trust issues to uncertainty of how the process of outsourcing works or assists a business. Those businesses that try to do their own statement and printing might find that a large portion of employee hours and workload is dedicated solely to preparing and sending statements. Imagine a company with 500 clients. Now imagine that after the design of the statement is complete, an employee must sit and print, fold, stuff envelopes, and affix postage to each statement to be mailed. If each statement takes 3-5 minutes to prepare, it would take a few days or even a week to handle it all. The time exponentially increases with larger numbers of customers involved. That’s a lot of time!

printing and mailing servicesNow consider the cost of all the purchased equipment such as computers, printers, paper or letterhead, ink, toner, envelopes, and postage. And think of all the maintenance, repair, and replacement costs required for each piece of gear. Now imagine all the space in an office required to house all the gear, all the stock of paper, and all of the electronics. All of that gear and stock take up valuable square footage in any office. Between this and the dedicated time it takes the employees to prepare the statements in-house, not only money, valuable time is literally wasted. And that is the time any business needs to grow, to evolve, to innovate, and to invigorate the service or product it offers.

Now imagine that same business choosing to outsource their statement mailing and printing services to a partner such as Towne Mailer. The time and money previously wasted are put back in the business, and only a fraction of it is paid out to the outsourcing partner to provide the printing and mailing service.

What Kinds of Businesses Benefit?

Every kind of business can benefit from outsourcing printing and mailing services with Towne Mailer. Do you run a non-profit and wish to send out monthly business updates? Do you have a tax, medical, insurance, or membership business needing to update clients regularly? Are you in charge of your church bulletin, event invitations, or quarterly bank or financial statements? Any business that sends regular or semi-regular mail can benefit from outsourcing statement printing and mailing to experts such as Towne Mailer. At Towne Mailer, we work with both large and small businesses, local and non-local, and we value each and every relationship, giving it the attention it deserves. No order is too small or large for us to handle.

How Does the Process Work?

With Towne Mailer as your statement printing and mailing partner, you can leave all the stress, worry, time, and energy of printing and mailing your important client communication to us. After you have designed your mailing, you would contact us to have us instruct you on how to upload your file to be printed and mailed. Once we receive it, we would help you in myriad ways to update the format, improve the design, and post samples for your review and approval. Once you do, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on getting them printed and mailed to your customers. It’s that simple. No more jammed printers, no more employee drudgery. You are free to do what you love the most and in the process, you improve your communication with your customers by providing correct, timely, perfect statement printing and mailing every time. Isn’t it about time that you get back to the important tasks of growing your business, extending your communication to your clients, fostering empathy and connection with your customers, and leaving the boring paperwork to those that specialize in it like Towne Mailer? We guarantee that you will love both our product and service so much that you will wish you’d chosen us to handle your statement and printing a long time ago. When you rely on Towne Mailer, you can consider us your statement printing and mailing partners for life.

About Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer is an exceptional printing and mailing company operating from Missoula, MT. Serving businesses large and small all over the United States, Towne Mailer works with clients to provide the best statement printing and mailing service available in America. In our 7,000 square foot warehouse that began as a small office just twenty years ago, a dozen local employees have mastered the craft of producing and sending thousands of state-of-the-art statements for loyal business clients. It is no wonder that Towne Mailer has quickly emerged as the leader of statement printing and mailing in the field.

Between the high print quality and the skilled customer service offered by Towne Mailer, we have excelled in providing the best statement printing and mailing on the market. From using the highest quality equipment and paper, offering personalized client communication, and providing easy, step-by-step guidelines for uploading and transferring documents, Towne Mailer brings the best of old school and new school to fruition with the most reliable printing and mailing in the world.

Bridging the gaps in generations, connecting the dots to provide perfect communication, and bringing world-class statement printing and mailing services to businesses around the country is not only the job of Towne Mailer, it is an art form that we take very seriously. You will not find any company better at what we do than Towne Mailer. Choose us once to help you with your paper communications, and you will never go back to either doing it yourself in-house or trying to use emails and text messages to replace the excellence that only Towne Mailer promises.

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