If you haven’t figured it out by now, printing and mailing your monthly statements can get a bit out of control sometimes, particularly if you are using internal staff to print, fold, stuff, seal and stamp envelopes. Many companies try to mail their statements internally – often because they don’t know that a quality printing and mailing service provides the ability to do it for them. Other companies believe that sending statements can be done more economically in-house. More often than not, outsourcing this process, not only saves you time and money, it raises your credibility and especially your ability to communicate through professional statements.

The right printing and mailing service, such as Towne Mailer, will have the knowledge and experience needed printing and mailing statements and invoices for companies just like yours. The efficiency and attention to detail frees up you and your employees to focus on more mission-critical tasks. The value of outsourcing statement mailings far outweighs the cost.

Statement Printing & Mailing ServicesIf outsourcing mail seems like it would be too costly, consider these questions that you’ve probably already asked yourself: Why didn’t my staff get my invoices mailed on time? Why don’t we have the necessary mailing supplies on hand? Who is available to take our mail to the post office? Is my staff’s time more valuable than licking envelopes? Do I have the best lease rates on my postage meter? How much is postage these days? Can I get envelopes shipped to me overnight? Why is absenteeism high on the last day of the month? Is there a company I can outsource my monthly statements to? How much cash flow am I missing out on because my statements didn’t mail when they should have?

These are valid questions, and each begins and ends with a quality statement printing and mailing method. Towne Mailer understands this process and executes it as efficiently as anyone. But, the more important reason behind it may be why you need it in the first place. Sure, you can save money and time, but how does it increase revenue? The simple answer is through communication. Clear communication starts with a process:


There are many reasons as to why communication helps in life and business. Consider the word clarity. When you are clear and concise, you have erased doubt in what you mean. Knowing what you want to say is one thing, actually expressing it in a way that is properly received is another. Professional statements offer the medium necessary to make it clear where your customers stand. Be it money owed, an account balance, changes in terms of service, or whatever you need to communicate, a professional statement is the most effective tool you can employ.


Trust is the cornerstone of communication. Oftentimes, a breakdown in communication is considered a breakdown in trust. When you present your communication to your customers in the form of professional statements, you create a point of reference that cannot be misconstrued. Let’s face it, people often hear what they want to and not what is being said. By utilizing a professional printing and mailing service, you have certain tools at your disposal – with a powerful one being professional communication with your customers in the form of a professional statement.

Speak the same language

Another problem that arises with miscommunication is the language itself. Perhaps you converse in industry-specific terms. It is easy to do when your daily routine consists of a certain vernacular that is likely to bleed into your everyday speech habits. This can be a cause of concern when communication with a customer base that may not understand what you are trying to say. Many people tend to nod and agree, even though they may not understand. It is human nature, and no one wants to feel stupid. And, unfortunately, it opens a door for a customer to tell you that they did not understand, even though they may have understood you entirely. Whatever reason that lies behind the miscommunication can be remedied with a professional statement created by you and issued by way of a professional printing and mailing service. You can take your time crafting what needs to be said and say it in a way that is clearly defined.

Erase Assumptions

Along the same lines of speaking the same language, lies false assumptions. It is easy to assume something, follow that assumption, and find out that you’ve done it completely wrong. When you are dealing with business, false assumptions are costly – in both time and money. By employing a reputable printing and mailing service to produce professional statements, you erase assumptions and clear a path to clear communication that results in a more streamlined – and profitable – relationship with your customers.


Timing is another roadblock in the path to clear communication. A professional statement allows you to offer your clients defined timelines in which to abide. It is unfair to your customers if you are late in sending out communication. This is an all too common process in business. You are busy, and you get inundated with the day-to-day operational aspect of your business. You set reminders and you have every intention of sending out your correspondence. It is what your customers expect. Then someone calls in sick and you are spending your day running the front desk or answering the phone. No worries, you’ll send out the statements tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, a piece of equipment breaks down or you have to put out yet another “fire” somewhere else. The fact of the matter is, things come up – a professional printing and mailing service is the best way to be proactive. Be it due dates, renewal dates, or more, when you offer your customers clear, written communication in the form of a professional statement, you give then ample time to receive and respond.


People are busy and if you have a process in place, you can be proactive and counteract the business. If you ask someone to do something, he or she will decide when to do it based on how your request fits his or her priorities. If the person reports directly to you or their boss does, then the request is likely to make it pretty high on the priority list. But personal and professional emergencies can intervene even with the best-laid plans. So don’t stop following up until you get the result you need. Of course, following up is an art. If you do it too often or too insistently, you may create the opposite outcome from the one you want. But if you do it in a helpful way, your odds of communications success will rise. This is where the professional statement comes into play. With a written process in place, you are creating the ability to follow up with your customers and, with the help of a streamlined statement process through a printing and mailing service, you are providing this valuable step to the communication process.

Be open

Proper communication is a two-way street and those involved shouldn’t be afraid to adjust and course correct. By producing professional statements through a printing and mailing service you are, in essence, promoting your communication process to your customers. This is a great thing because it opens the opportunity for dialog. Not everyone gets it right the first time. Sometimes, it takes a few times. There is no better way to test your process than to do it in real time with real customers. And, best of all, a reputable printing and mailing service such as Towne Mailer, has the capacity to course correct with you. Since all communication is rooted in digital formats, it can be changed!


The true key to proper communication is to be proactive and erase as much conflict as possible before it begins. This is how to best increase your bottom line. Every step in the communication process is as valuable as the next. But what is the most valuable is how you present it to those that matter. By offering clear, concise, and professional statements, you are doing a service to your customers and to your business by erasing as much doubt as possible. What you expect is laid out for everyone to see. A printing and mailing service should be an integral part of this process. They will be able to get your message across in the best manner possible.

Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer welcomes the opportunity to be the driver in which you communicate with your customers. With nearly two decades of experience “solving for the gap” in many companies’ operational processes, we have the knowledge, expertise, and best of all, the passion needed to help your business reach its full potential.

Our process is simple. We focus on quality, efficiency, and most importantly, customer care. Just like in your statement printing process, good business begins and ends with good communication. We understand the importance of clear, fast, and economical correspondence with your customers and with you.

No matter your business, we encourage you to reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to serve and look forward to finding economical, common sense solutions that benefit you and your business.

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