Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring an outside company to perform services that traditionally were performed in-house by the business’s own employees and staff. One of the primary reasons that a company will choose to outsource is to cut costs, though there are other valuable reasons to consider it as a highly important business strategy. Very few business tools have the power to fundamentally transform an organization such as outsourcing.

While mainstream research seems to indicate that the outsourcing model was not recognized as a valued business strategy until the late 1980s, the term actually dates back to the 1970s when manufacturing companies sought efficiency and began hiring outside firms to manage non-essential core processes. Outsourcing was first officially recognized as a business strategy in 1989 and became an integral part of business economics throughout the 1990s.

The practice of outsourcing has become so common that many manufacturers outsource up to 80% of their finished products. Where outsourcing was first used as a means to become more efficient and reduce expenses, outsourcing today is allowing businesses to accomplish things that they were not able to do on their own. The method through which that is accomplished can be done ethically, responsibly, and with little harm to a local economy when used purposefully and conscientiously.

Though it is likely the most influential business strategy of the 21st century, it is not without its critics. Those that are most opposed to outsourcing as an effective business model and a way to cut costs argue that it has caused the loss of domestic jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Opponents also overlook the outsourcing’s benefits, such as allowing consumers to buy better products at a reduced cost. Those that support outsourcing argue that it offers incentives for businesses to compete for services. The middle way would be to purchase fair trade, sustainable products, and by supporting other locally owned and operated small businesses, like Towne Mailer.

There are many reasons that a business will choose to sub-contract or outsource to another company for goods and services that can be procured at a reduced cost, rather than being produced in-house. When it comes to outsourcing invoice printing and mailing services to an expert specialist such as Towne Mailer, there are benefits that go further than just cost reduction. The following are just a few of the many benefits you will find when you choose Towne Mailer to handle all your invoice printing and mailing.

Decrease Costs on Materials and Equipment

Invoice printing and mailing is a highly labor-intensive and expensive endeavor. From the high cost of all the technology such as printers, sorters, folders, and postage machines, to buy state-of-the-art invoice printing and mailing tools can cost a pretty penny for sure. In order to save time, the machines you choose to purchase must be of high quality to produce the numbers of invoices you may need to print and mail out regularly.

If you only have one machine, you have to imagine the scenario when that machine goes down during an invoice printing session. It would require you to contact a service or repairman, wait for parts and service to be completed all while your invoices are sitting in files waiting to be printed and mailed. That one scenario alone could cost you valuable time and money that affects your bottom line directly.

There is also all the paper, envelopes, ink, and toner to consider. Your storeroom would likely be full of all of the supplies that you would need to accomplish your invoice printing and mailing in-house. That stock costs a lot of money to house and a lot of time to order, inventory, and maintain. It also takes up a huge part of your valuable office square footage. Just imagine that square footage put to better use. Overall, outsourcing can save your business a huge amount of money on materials and equipment when you outsource your invoice printing and mailing with Towne Mailer.

Decrease Employee Time Spent On Mundane Tasks

When you consider the amount it costs you to hire one or more employees that have to handle all of your business invoice tracking, updating, printing, and mailing, it adds up to a significant percent of your labor costs spent. Hiring out or contracting with a third party specialist frees up the valuable resources that you would normally have to pay an employee to handle. You may even be able to cut down your staff which can save you not only money in wages but administrative, social security, and insurance costs as well.

Outsourcing your printing and mailing also helps your staff to reduce the number of hours spent on mundane, repetitive tasks that can be soul-crushing over time. Not many people feel valued, excited, and challenged by sitting on a computer printing invoices only to spend the rest of the week folding, stuffing envelopes, and stamping them for mailing. It’s boring, tedious, and mind-numbing work. Handing over your printing and mailing services to a third party such as Towne Mailer gets all of that mundane work off of your employees’ plates and increases staff morale. Higher morale yields happier work from more fulfilled staff members and thus a better-served core mission as well as customers.

Decrease Tasks That Take Away From Core Focus

When your staff is burned out from shuffling papers all week, they are not likely to have the energy or time left to give in a meaningful way to your business. You wouldn’t need to feel like the Lone Wolf at the top trying to do everything yourself when your staff is afforded the mental space to truly be a part of your pack. They want to give their best, help your business prosper, and see you succeed.

But often they are so bogged down with meaningless minutia that they can’t find the dedication to invest in your mission fully. By refocusing your energy as a team and delegating some of the busy work to an outside partner like Towne Mailer, you can harness all that collective energy to support your mission. Your employees can feel engaged in innovation, development, training, and the possibility of upward mobility.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

You will never be able to pump out your overdue invoices like a professional printing house such as Towne Mailer. Our 7,000 square foot state-of-art facility can do hundred of pages in a few seconds and handle multitudes of different projects all at once. Not only is the process fast, but the quality is also superb. When you work with Towne Mailer, you have our specialty at your convenience. It’s like having your own printing and mailing company in your office with you. You can move on to things within your core competencies and let us do what we do best.

Increase Flexibility and Quality

Working with a 3rd party specialty printing and mailing company gives you more options, more resources, and more creative choices that you can make in how you present your work. For the small cost of printing and mailing invoices with Towne Mailer, your work can have the look, the feel, the accuracy, and the precision that only an expert can bring to your company invoice printing and mailing. Our service is always exceptional and the quality is unparalleled. Raising your digital print appearance puts you at the top of the game to compete with everyone else.

Increase Competitiveness and Cooperation

One of the best reasons to outsource is that you encourage competition while at the same time you are creating cooperation through the encouragement of a partnership. While it seems a bit counter-intuitive, more competition when in a healthy setting and if done with transparency and trust can yield supply chain relationships that can be formed to bring mutual and long-term benefits. This goes back to choosing ethical partnerships with like-minded businesses such as Towne Mailer.

Who Is Town Mailer?

Towne Mailer is a locally owned and operated invoice printing and mailing specialist located in Missoula, MT. While filling orders from clients around the country, Towne Mailer has been in business for about 20 years and supports almost 20 Montana families of our staff members by providing excellent printing and mailing services to each and every customer. Our mission is to relieve you of the burden of handling your own invoice printing and mailing so that you can focus on your business, grow in your competence, and expand your market. Our service is outstanding and our prices are unbeatable.

Contact us today and we can offer you a free, no-obligation quote for your next printing project or ongoing invoice printing and mailing service. One of our skilled associates will walk you through uploading a test document to our server so we can post a proof of our work to review. Once you have approved it, we will print and mail your client invoices within 24 hours. Not only will our service be fast and efficient, but we will also exceed your expectations of how much we care about the process and your project. Call us today and let’s get your invoices printed and mailed!

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