A while back, we shared with you the seven most common invoicing mistakes made by businesses sending out their invoices and statements.  But in truth, there are even more ways that businesses hurt themselves, and their bottom line, and cash flow, simply by making simple errors on their invoices.

In this post, we’ll look at seven more common invoicing mistakes that you can avoid in order to get paid more quickly and more accurately by clients and customers.

Not giving your customers enough payment options. 

The harder it is for your customer to pay, the less likely they are to pay your invoice or statement right away, and the less likely they are to pay on time at all. According to a recent survey, customers like having the option to pay through: checks, bank transfers, electronic payments, credit cards and debit cards. Offering this full spectrum of payment options will improve your cash flow.

Adding extra fees.

Adding fees onto the invoice that were hidden throughout the exchange of goods and services is one really fast way of annoying or even angering your clients and customers. If you have extra fees, like taxes or service charges, make that extremely clear early in the process, so customers don’t feel blindsided by extra costs when they open their bill.

Not including a due date. collection agencies

Are you more likely to complete a task if it has a solid deadline? It’s human nature to put things off to the last minute, and to not pay something until you have to. So, it follows that if you don’t include a payment due date on your invoice, your customers and clients may not pay at all.

Not following up with a late payment reminder.

If someone doesn’t pay by the due date, it falls on you to remind them that their payment is overdue and that they are obligated to answer your queries. Far too many businesses don’t have a procedure in place to send late payment reminders in any sort of organized fashion.

Not including an invoice number.

Having an invoice numbering system can help both you and the customer you are invoicing stay organized and prevent errors. Especially if a customer falls behind on payment, referencing certain invoices can ensure you get paid accurately and in the right amount.

Not utilizing late fees or offering incentives.

Docking customers who don’t pay on time and offering rewards to those who pay early are two tested ways of increasing on-time payments and improving your cash flow and bottom line. Offer both to maximize impact.

Having anything less than stellar customer service. customer-service

One of the best things you can do, both to receive on-time payments and to improve the brand of your business, is to offer the best possible customer service. This includes having clear contact information on your invoices and statements, and having helpful, real people and programs in place to assist the people who call or write.

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