A statement is the ultimate form of communication between a business and its customers. A complete statement, correctly filled out, provides all of the details needed to keep customers informed and happy. Plus, it provides a business with all of the information needed to tend to customer concerns. This makes statements not only important but absolutely vital to the effectiveness of any business.

Many have come to realize that the tedious process of printing and mailing all of your monthly, quarterly, or annual statements can slow your office productivity. Most offices find themselves constantly bogged down with printing and mailing statements.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on other, more interesting, areas of business? Why give up so much of your time and productivity to data entry, printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, sorting, and mailing statements? If only there was some magic wand you could wave to make all this mind-numbing paperwork disappear!

The Solution You Need

Low and behold, there is a magical solution! By outsourcing all of your printing and mailing needs- including but not limited to your statements- you have the opportunity to raise office morale, productivity, revenue, the quality of your mail, and most importantly company revenue.

By partnering with a professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, you will find relief and satisfaction that all of your statements are handled efficiently and timely without any added effort on your part. A professional printing and mailing service offers expert knowledge, skilled staff, and state of the art equipment to handle all of your statement printing and mailing needs.

A process that could take you hours or even days to accomplish in-office takes a professional printing and mailing service only minutes. This added time can translate into all sorts of benefits for your company and your staff. And, as you know, in business time equals money. Therefore, partnering with a printing and mailing service can save you time and money.

To illustrate the amount of money your business has the potential of saving, first think about the overall process of printing and mailing statements. Approximately, how long does it take your staff to print, fold, stuff into envelopes, seal, sort, and mail a single statement?

If your staff was able to complete the entire process for one statement in a single minute, your office would spend approximately eight hours on five hundred statements. An entire day is dedicated to printing and mailing statements! One minute per statement is a very conservative estimate. It takes most offices at least a couple minutes to complete one statement. That means several workdays are dedicated to statements alone.

Now, consider the amount of money that goes into all of the materials needed to print and mail statements; paper, printer ink, envelopes, postage, not to mention equipment and its maintenance. How much money is spent on ink cartridges, stationery, and mailing supplies? All of these monthly costs, plus employee wages, add up enormously. This leads to the demand for professional printing and mailing services.

Besides time and money, it is important to think about your employees’ quality of life. It might sound like printing and mailing statements is a typical office requirement. But, times are changing. Many businesses are relieving their employees of the mind-numbing tasks which they dread by outsourcing their statement printing and mailing demands. If your office is saddled with soul-crushing amounts of paperwork, what makes you think your employees won’t seek a position where they feel more valued for their core competencies?

Show your employees that their time, happiness, and contributions are valued. Keep your team, your customers, and your pocketbook happy by partnering with a professional printing and mailing service.

What Does Outsourcing Even Mean?

Now, we know many people are confused when they hear the term “outsourcing.” Doesn’t outsourcing hurt the economy and keep Americans out of work? That is what we have all been told, right? When companies outsource to businesses overseas, many Americans lose their jobs. But, outsourcing simply means partnering with another business to do the work you don’t want to do. Some professional printing and mailing services, like Towne Mailer, are located in the US. Therefore, all of your mail is processed in this country and Americans stay employed.

Why Are Statements So Vital To Office Production?

Communication is the key to success for any office task. For an office to function smoothly, staff must feel supported and being trusting of the policies and procedures in place. They must trust their office manager and feel as if they are being led appropriately. Great office managers can help their staff perform confidently and efficiently.

However, when there is a lack of communication, of course, office production is greatly affected. The main cause of poor productivity is a break in communication. When office staff does not know what is expected of them, or they get mixed messages on how to perform, the entire office malfunctions. Office staff should never feel ill-prepared, especially when dealing with customers’ concerns. Managerial support is vital.

A strong connection between managers and their staff directly translates to long-term employees who are happier and more confident in their jobs. Happy employees manage themselves better and take responsibility for their contributions. They are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for the company they work for if they feel valued and appreciated. Go figure!

This is where communication tools, like statements, come into play. Properly formatted statements serve many purposes. They help remind employees of the customer’s experience, which includes all of the interactions a customer has with the company. Statements help maintain a clear picture of the company’s goal. And, of course, statements include customer contact information and buying history. Statements prove to meet many purposes which keep a company running smoothly.

What it all comes down to is the transfer of knowledge within the office.  Have you ever worked in an office where it seemed everyone had some information, but no one could provide all the information needed? It feels ridiculous to try to get anything done!

Statements are one type of many tools that help gather all the information into one document. They reduce clutter and make teamwork possible.

Let’s face it, dealing with customer concerns is such a difficult job. Why not set your employees up for success? Clear, concise, and timely statements allow your employees to reference client information and concerns with ease. This can go a long way in helping them handle customer issues. The more knowledgeable your customers are, the better they can appropriately represent your company.

Why Are Statements So Vital To The Customer Experience? 

In this fast-paced world, many people believe electronic statements have replaced traditional paper copies. You might be surprised to learn, printed copies continue to endure. There are many people who have resisted e-statements.

Many elderly individuals don’t have the skills or feel frustrated by technology. Some people with disabilities are unable to interact with screens. Low-income households, or homes that have high financial needs don’t have regular access to technology. And, some people are just tired of always being online. They put boundaries around screen time.  No matter the reason, if you insist on providing only e-statements, you are excluding a large number of customers.

Statements allow your customers the ability to acquire your company information in a steady and timely manner. They are the most holistic form of communication your business can offer to your clients. They have all the information your customers need to review their entire customer experience and determine future involvement with your business.

Statements provide an easy and efficient way of sharing information between your business and your customers. Disorganized communication between your office and customers could result in scattered, non-centralized information. You might find sticky notes or scribble pads with client email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing information is thrown about. It’s so confusing. Statements put it all together, for one holistic picture.

When considering how important statements are for both your business and your customers, it is easy to determine that they must be handled with great care. And yet, we also know how excruciating and soul-crushing mounds of paperwork can be. By outsourcing your statements to a professional printing and mailing service, you can rest assured these vital documents are created in a professional, consistent, and timely manner. This will greatly eliminate the cluttered miscommunications that can occur when customer information is not organized.  By providing your customers with quality, professional statements, you increase their customer experience and build their confidence in your business.

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