Dermatologists have the important job of keeping our skin, scalp, hair, and nails healthy, from engaging in cosmetic improvements like hair removal, to helping teens with acne treatments, to battling against skin cancer. But whether they are improving how we look, how we feel, or our overall health, dermatologists are a vital type of physician who brings expertise, comfort, and care to their profession and to their patients.

At Towne Mailer, we know that dermatologists, like all doctors, face a huge amount of responsibility. They are tasked with keeping up-to-date on everything related to their field of medicine as well as with putting thought, care, and compassion into their interactions with every individual patient. At the same time, their administrative team is committed to helping the practice follow guidelines and find success, all while making sure that patients get their questions answered, get billed correctly, and, first and foremost, get the care that they need.

We understand that dermatology practices don’t need the extra hassle of printing, processing, and mailing their bills and statements each month. We also know that, if you send more than 200 letters or statements a month, our services can more than likely save you a significant amount of money. Currently, we help multiple dermatology practices and skin care centers with their bill and statement mailing, including:

  • Dermatologists
  • Dermatology practices
  • Skin doctors
  • Skin care centers
  • Skin care clinics

Why Should Dermatologists Outsource Their Bill and Statement Processing?

You might already have a system for printing, processing, and mailing patient statementswhy should you switch? Here are four good reasons:

  • It gives you greater focus on your patients. Too often, medical practices can get lost in paperwork and red tape and lose sight of the most important part of their day: the patient. Outsourcing your statement printing and mailing takes one more paper-based task out of your office and gives more time and attention to those who need it most.
  • It saves your business money. We are experts at statement printing and mailing. We have devised an efficient process that involves bulk supplies and the best technology–tools that allow us to mail your statements more quickly and for less.
  • It gives your patients more accurate statements, faster. We have integrated quality assurance checks throughout our printing and mailing process, and we send our clients detailed reports of each job we complete. These two steps make certain that your patients are getting the accurate statements, at the correct address, just days after you send us the information.
  • It improves your cash flow. Getting clear, well-designed, and accurate statements to your patients means getting paid faster. In addition, our guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time for regular jobs means that your patients will receive their bills faster and have the opportunity to pay sooner.

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