Small business owners often find themselves wearing lots and lots of hats – from fielding customer services calls to driving the delivery truck to taking care of payroll. But although having the ability to do anything and everything for your business is usually a virtue, it can also exhaust you – and ultimately cost you money.

In fact, outsourcing some tasks to specialized companies, such as outsourcing Quickbooks tasks, can save you time and money while also simplifying your workday (and taking away a hat).

At Towne Mailer, a significant number of our clients own small businesses and utilize QuickBooks, accounting software that helps business owners with a variety of tasks, from payroll assistance to invoicing. But while these businesses are comfortable with keeping their own books, they also found that printing, processing, and mailing their statements and invoices was not getting them ahead. They all found a balance between doing it all and delegating some tasks: they continued to keep their own books, but allowed us to print, process, and mail their invoices and statements.

Why do so many of our clients choose to outsource their QuickBooks invoicing and statement tasks? Here are the three big reasons:

  • It saves time. No one knows better than a small business owner that there are only so many hours in a day. Entrepreneurs should spend their time developing new ideas, improving their products and services, and finding new customers, not folding invoices and licking envelopes. Likewise, their employees should spend their time on specialized tasks that require their personal talent, not on busywork that can easily be automated at Towne Mailer.
  • It saves money. In a lot of cases, “doing it yourself” saves money – doing your own accounting with QuickBooks is a good example of this. However, in other cases, outsourcing specialized tasks can save you money. At Towne Mailer, all of our clients save money by letting us print, process, and mail their documents.
  • It simplifies your job. Don’t clutter your day with another task – and don’t make your employees waste valuable hours on a job that we can do better and faster. Many of our clients say that using our services turns invoicing and statements tasks from an unpleasant monthly job into the five-minute task of uploading files to our servers. 

Do you use QuickBooks for your business – and are you ready to outsource some of your QuickBooks-related tasks? Call us today at (877) 882-6245 to find out how we can help you save money and time on your statements and invoices.