Many of the businesses we work with already excel at sending out their bills and statements consistently because we do this task for them. But fewer have a process in place for sending out late payment notices–or don’t have a consistent, working late payment notice plan that maximizes payment returns.

At Towne Mailer, we can help ensure that your late payment notices go out regularly, quickly, and accurately so that you can get the money you are owed, both improving your bottom line as well as your cash flow. All you have to do is upload your data, and we will do the rest: printing, folding, stuffing, and metering your mail before taking it to the post office. We have a 24-hour turnaround guarantee on all of our regular mailing jobs.

Tips For Writing & Sending Late Payment Notices

Here are our best tips for writing and sending late payment notices that work:

  • Don’t be negative, emotional, or threatening. Even though late payments can be extremely frustrating, being negative or emotional in your correspondence won’t get you paid; in fact, it may have the opposite effect.
  • Keep it clear and simple. Confusing or long letters may not get read, while sending documents that have an overwhelming amount of information may stress out the reader. Instead, send a short, clear letter outlining how much is owed and how to pay.
  • Enclose a return envelope. It might be a small extra cost, but you want to make making a payment as easy as possible for customers who are behind.
  • Outline consequences. While you don’t want to be threatening, you do want them to know that there are consequences to not paying your bills. Let them know if they will be facing late fees, a collection agency, or even legal action if they don’t get into contact with you about their payments.
  • Offer lots of options. Don’t just ask them to pay up. Be sure to include information about how they can reach your customer service team members in case they need to let you know about a problem or create a new payment plan. Many families suddenly stop paying for a reason, such as a medical emergency, a job loss, or a loss in the family.
  • Never harass. Harassment through repeated phone calls or other unprofessional means isn’t just rude, it is also illegal. In addition, harassment simply doesn’t work to get payments. Instead, follow a set plan of correspondence and then move on to the stated consequences.

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