On June 30, 2015 Intuit discontinued QuickBooks Billing Solutions, which provided users with a way to transmit statements and invoices to a centralized mail center where the documents were printed and mailed to customers and clients. Although QuickBooks users can still send electronic invoices, they are no longer be able to send hard copies of invoices or statements through the mail using a QuickBooks service.

This change has resulted in a tremendous inconvenience to thousands of business owners who use one of the many versions of QuickBooks to run their day-to-day business. Many are now scrambling to find another service to help their process and mail their monthly invoices.

While some businesses can utilize all-electronic statements, a large number still wish to send hard copy invoices and statements through the mail, for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the businesses themselves are more comfortable with paper invoices and statements, while in other cases, a business’s customers and clients prefer or request paper invoices and statements.

Finding a New Solution for Your Invoices & Statement Processing

As a result of the discontinuation of QuickBooks Billing Solutions, Towne Mailer has welcomed a number of new QuickBooks clients over the last 30 days.

We’ve found that when many of these clients call, there is some frustration on their part because they have been left in the lurch by Intuit’s action and don’t know where to find a new solution. Those negative feelings quickly dissipate when they find out we can help them print and mail their invoices and statements – and they are extremely happy to find out that our prices are at least 10 to 15 percent less than what they were previously spending. Suddenly, the pain of losing their billing solution is replaced with the joy of finding a better solution than they had before.

Could Towne Mailer’s Services Fit Your Needs?

I have noticed recently that because of the void created by the end of QuickBooks Billing Solutions, other outsource service providers have jumped in to offer their service. Shockingly, many charge a monthly fee in addition to charging as much as $1.00 to print and mail a one-page invoice or statement. This is a significant cost to a small- or medium-sized business and is even more than previously charged by QuickBooks!

In addition, some of these new outsource providers do not support all versions of QuickBooks, so a business owner has to shop around to make certain the version used can be handled by the outsource provider. At Towne Mailer, we support all versions of QuickBooks (desktop and online) and can print and process your invoices quickly and easily.

The only restriction Towne Mailer has in handling the printing and mailing of invoices and statements is that the average monthly volume needs to be 200 or more pieces – if the volume is less than 200 pieces, we have found that there is not an economic benefit to either party to outsource this task.

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If you are looking for a new billing solution after the QuickBooks shutdown, or if you are not happy with your current provider, we encourage you to call our team and request a free quote. Find out just how much you can save and find out what it is like to work with Towne Mailer.

We offer a similar – although usually less expensive – service as the old QuickBooks Billing Solutions. And we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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