mail presorting serviceOne of the biggest ways that we pass savings on to our clients is by presorting all of the mail that we print and prepare. But what is presorting, and how does it work?

Very simply, presorting mail consists of grouping your letters together by zip code and carrier route so that letters with a similar destination are in the same place. In most cases, individuals and small businesses simply drop their mail in a post office box and it is sorted at the post office. But businesses with large volumes of mail often presort to take advantage of the lowered commercial rate for presorted First Class mail.

How do we presort our mail?

  • We are approved by the USPS. First and foremost, we are formally approved by the United States Post Office to presort mail ourselves and to receive the special rate for presorted first class and standard mailings. This also involves applying for a permit and paying an annual fee.
  • We have mail sorting supplies. The Postal Service provides us with mail trays, lids, stacks, and labels to help us sort and transport our mail. We also own strapping materials to secure our mail trays and trucks to transport our mail.
  • We have sorting technology. Our optical scanner sorter verifies every letter address and then sprays on a barcode. Each letter is then sorted according to various zip code sequences.
  • We have transportation to the post office. After our sorter does its job, the mail is loaded onto trays and then loaded into one of our trucks. We drop off our mail at the post office, where it will skip the sorting process and get to its destination faster than other letters.

Presorting accomplishes two things: it lowers the postage rate for each First Class letter and it makes the overall mailing process go faster once the letters reach the post office. While many small businesses don’t want to take the time and money to secure a permit, pay an annual fee, buy expensive sorting technology, or transport their mail to the post office, we specialize in this process.

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