Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S economy. Recent studies indicate that they create about two-thirds of net new jobs and drive innovation and competitiveness while accounting for 44 percent of the U.S. economic activity. Though the overall share has declined gradually over the last few years, small businesses contribute considerably to the American financial GDP. When it comes to creating jobs, driving innovation, and contributing to economic growth, small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy.

Small businesses have some advantages for both owners and employees when it comes to how they compare to large corporations. Small businesses can create a company culture that is much more satisfactory for everyone involved. They encourage employee and customer engagement which translates to higher staff retention and customer satisfaction. Statistics show that maintaining the right culture will prove easier for small businesses over large corporations which makes the small business up to 20% more profitable.

Small businesses have the upper hand when it comes to maintaining and proliferating the values and beliefs of the founder since in most cases the founder is engaged in the business either as a hands-on manager or leader. Employees can see firsthand the results of their labors and tend to feel more engaged with steering the ship instead of just being a cog in the machine. They tend to feel more valued, more involved, and more invested in the work they provide for the small business in which they work.

Because small businesses have to innovate and accomplish everything in-house, they have the flexibility to make quick decisions to make changes as needed without being bogged down by corporate procedures and protocols. They encourage employees to have both a depth and breadth of skill levels that allow for a dynamic evolution of tasks and procedures. This flexibility adds to the quality of the broad range of work requirements, which boosts learning and development in turn.

For an employee, all of these benefits translate into an ability to get recognized for good work. Unlike those that work for huge corporations, a small business employee can excel within the company by contributing to the innovation and execution of important tasks, so their role can be expanded. This raises employee satisfaction immensely. When an employee feels their work is seen and appreciated, they are more comfortable to use their voice and endeavors to be of benefit to growing the brand. They are more motivated to influence the direction of the company and engage with the customers on a personal level, which benefits the small business more than anything else.

Protecting In-House Work While Outsourcing

Outsourcing some key services can be an incredible tool for allowing a small business to function at a higher level such as their large corporation counterparts, without sacrificing the personal touch that is the mark of any successful small business. When done carefully, outsourcing can improve efficiency and bolster the company’s bottom line. However, in order to protect that all-important employee morale, outsourcing should be done shrewdly and cautiously. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing core services such as printing and mailing services with a company such as Towne Mailer:

Access to Experts

When it comes to printing and mailing, it takes a lot of equipment, technical experience, and high-output to be able to compete with outsourced printing and mailing done by a specialist. No matter how good business may be at its core competencies, no one can be an expert at everything. By focusing on fringe services or products, a small business can get caught up in minutia that is not efficient or fruitful. The old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” can apply in these cases. By trying to do too much in-house, a business can lessen the impact of its ability to accomplish what it is that they do best. In the process, quality and efficiency decrease.

By partnering with outside printing and mailing specialists, any small business will gain access to experts in the field. They turn over control of their printing and mailing to those that have the equipment, tools, experience, and expertise to accomplish their printing and mailing needs in a more timely fashion. A higher quality of printing and mailing is the end result. Without having to become printing and mailing specialists themselves, the small business is able to produce world-class mailings by partnering with outside specialists such as Towne Mailer.

Focus on Core Competencies

Returning to its core competencies, the small business that outsources printing and mailing can eliminate wasteful and time-consuming tasks to focus on innovation in both developing and providing key products and services that are at the core of the business. Instead of spreading the company energy into all areas of need, the small business can return to its prime objective. By focusing on strengthening and improving core processes, waste is reduced in all areas.

This, in turn, reduces costs. By hiring out non-essential services, the small business will save money on equipment, maintenance, stored products, and employee hours. When a focus is also maintained on employee development, training, and upward mobility, a small business can refocus their energy and the energy of its employees on what it does best. This also helps to simplify your work relationships by relying on outside experts to handle things that normally an in-house employee would struggle to accomplish up to par. Considering that many small businesses hire family or friends to be in the company, this can alleviate cumbersome and complicated relationships that can suffer from that closeness when it comes to reprimands.

Increase Work Productivity

By outsourcing printing and mailing services, the small business will be able to add valuable hours to the day. Using an outside service to accomplish mundane or repetitive, labor-intensive work, your business can be running even when you’re at home. Another like-minded business is doing all the fringe tasks that are non-essential to your operation and that can be done around the clock. Even when your storefront is closed for the day or week, your printing and mailing is happening at Towne Mailer’s facility. That adds power and time to your busy schedule. If time is money, that helps to increase profits with one small outsourced task such as printing and mailing.

Because our processes are automated, you can submit your printing and mailing jobs easily and efficiently. You can manage your printing and mailing jobs without wasting your time in-house. It can be done seamlessly through our online system, so you can save all the hassle of handling it yourself in house. You save time by not having to go to the post office. It’s so much simpler than trying to accomplish everything yourself. Our dynamic and intuitive platform will simplify your life and the lives of your employees.

How Outsourcing with Towne Mailer is Different Than Other Outsourcing

There are some well-documented theories on how outsourcing can create disadvantages in some cases. Yet, Towne Mailer has a solution for all of these proposed theories when it comes to partnering for the win. Let’s look at some of these ideas and discuss how Towne Mailer breaks the mold with its superior products and services.

Theory: Loss of Control

In some cases, by outsourcing your business products and services to third-party specialists, you lose control of the work that is being done. It is more difficult to monitor the tasks that are performed. You do not have the flexibility to make changes, review, or adjust your printing and mailing as needed.

Towne Mailer’s Solution:

At Towne Mailer, your print job is in your hands. You upload the documents to our secure server and before anything is printed, you are sent a proof document for your approval. Changes can be made before anything is printed and mailed without any penalty. This puts all the control in your hands without the burden of having to do it yourself.

Theory: Hidden Costs

Most companies will charge a fee for doing something more than once. There will be penalties for having to redo work that has begun. You will be charged extra if you make a mistake that costs your outsourced partner time.

Towne Mailer’s Solution:

As stated, there is never a penalty for having to reload a document to our server. If you do not approve of the proof, we allow you unlimited access to be able to get it right before it goes to print. There are no hidden costs involved with working with Towne Mailer.

Theory: Loss of Security

Some small businesses worry about the safety and security of company data. With all the invasions of privacy, data breaches, and concerns of hacking and identity theft, a business is concerned with protection of that data, and rightfully so.

Towne Mailer’s Solution:

Our proprietary online system is completely safe and secure. We have never had a breach of data and never will. Your client’s statements, financial records, and invoices will always be secure in our protected system.

Who is Towne Mailer?

Towne Mailer is a locally owned and operated printing and mailing specialist in Missoula, MT working from a 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. We serve businesses all over the U.S., both small and large. We pride ourselves on being the leader in printing and mailing services in the nation.

Contact us today and let us be your outsourced printing and mailing partner for the win. We’ll get you started right away on your next printing job to save you time, money, and streamline your printing and mailing to be superior in every way. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you reduce waste and focus on your core competencies so that you can maximize your bottom line in the world of small business.

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