Businesses have many unavoidable obstacles that they constantly face. Hiring reliable and skillful staff, advertising, keeping up product relevance, and surprise financial challenges. Even the most prepared and thoroughly planned business owners face upsetting financial challenges at times. With the right strategies in place, businesses can navigate these difficult times and keep thriving. But without preparation, many financial struggles can cause a business to fall apart entirely.

Just like with anything in life, organization and preparation can help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. When you understand where your money is spent, you can manage your finances more efficiently. The first step to finding solutions for your financial struggles is to track where your money is going.

One major expense many businesses often overlook is the cost of mail. If you process all of your statements, invoices, bills, notices, mail campaigns and any other regular mail in house, you are spending far too much money.

Outsourcing print and mail to a professional print and mail processing center, like Towne Mailer, is not only considered a strong business move, but it is now considered the industry norm. Towne Mailer works with businesses of all sizes and in all industries locally, nationally, and internationally save time, effort, and money on their print and mail needs.

Contracting Out Statement Processing Saves Money

If your business mails out at least 200 statements, invoices, bills per month from your office, you are wasting money. Let’s look at why we can confidently make that claim.

We understand why you might feel hesitant to outsource with a partner to print and mail. But Towne Mailer is designed to help you do less work and save money. That sounds too good to be true, but that is the concept for which we grew our business.

We get it. It’s sometimes hard to see how spending money upfront can save money in the long run. But, unless you own a print and mail processing company, you did not get into business because you have a passion for organizing, printing, folding, stuffing, sorting, and delivering statements. For most business owners, processing mail is mind-numbingly boring. Your staff most likely dreads the mail cycle because paperwork weighs down the productivity of your office. No one wants to trudge through mounds of never-ending paperwork.

By outsourcing statement printing and mailing to a professional print and mail process company, like Towne Mailer, you save money and relieve your staff of long tedious paperwork. Towne Mailer specializes in printing and mail processing, so we have the staff, storage space, and state of the art industry-specific to achieve bulk production with peak efficiency. We are housed in a well designed 7,000 square foot warehouse that buys paper products by the semi-truck load. Our job is to streamline print and mail to be fast and cost-effective.

How Can A Partnership With Towne Mailer Save Your Business Money?

Take a moment to consider how much time your staff spends on organizing, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, applying postage, sorting, and mailing each statement. If they could work at the phenomenal speed of one statement per minute, only 500 statements take a full eight hour workday. And that does not calculate breaks.

Even highly efficient offices take longer than one statement per minute. Most offices average between three to five minutes for each invoice. That means your office most likely speeds a full week completing statement printing and mailing. Think about how much you pay your staff by the hour and how much a full week’s worth of hourly pay costs you.

Towne Mailer has state-of-the art, industry specific technology, like high speed printers and intelligent inserters. We are designed to print, fold, and insert statements at an incredible speed. That means as your staff struggles to complete five hundred statements, we can process thousands and thousands of statements in a single day.

Not to mention all the other mail your business generates. When you process mail in-house, as you grow you have to hire more people, buy more paper, invest in more printers, and use more time to manage all your mail. When you partner with a professional print and mail service, like Towne Mailer, your business can grow exponentially without any added work for your in-house staff. More mail is then inconsequential.

Working with Towne Mailer is so simple. Once your staff uploads client information into our safe and secure database, our completely automated system generates all future documents like clockwork. If Towne Mailer receives an order before 8 am, that order is mailed out before the end of the business day. After 8 am, all documents have a 24-hour turnaround. This improved productivity saves your business expensive labor costs.

Another reason why partnering with a professional print and mail service for all your statement printing and mailing needs saves money is with bulk supplies. Think about the inventory your office must keep to meet your print and mail demands. How much money do you spend on paper, envelops, inserts, postage, printer ink, technology maintenance, and all the other supplies needed for print and mail production? Most offices are spending an exorbitant amount of money on such supplies.

As mentioned before, we have the warehouse space to buy supplies in huge bulk orders. This means that our cost per unit goes down incredibly. It’s just like the savings you see at the grocery store when you buy in bulk. Our savings then translate to significant savings for our clients.

Furthermore, Towne Mailer’s quality assurances save our clients a great deal of money. When you rely on your business team to produce all your statements in office, you are vulnerable to so many minor instances which can turn into big problems. Staff can get sick, technology can break, or computers with client information can get hacked. There are serious issues that can occur that have the potential to bring your productivity to a standstill.

With Towne Mailer, you can feel confident that all your documents are always sent out like clockwork. Human errors are eliminated by our automated service which saves you money by avoiding the need to correct mistakes. Plus, our database has a maximum level of protection, ensuring that all of your clients’ personal information is stored safely.

How Else Does A Print And Mail Service Benefit Business?

A partnership with a professional print and mail service, like Towne Mailer, has many more benefits other than savings. One of the most important reasons for outsourcing all your print and mail needs is to increase the quality of life for your in-house staff. Today’s workforce is different than past generations. Employees expect a healthy work/life balance. They want to feel valued and well cared for by their employer.

Show your employees that you value them and the work they do. Don’t saddle your talented, thoughtful staff with painfully tedious paperwork. By outsourcing your print and mail needs, you demonstrate to your employees that you recognize their core competencies and value them for their skills.

Plus, your office will be more comfortable and inviting without dedicating large areas to paper, envelops, printer ink, mail bins, and other clutter required for in-house printing and mailing. Let the warehouse at Towne Mailer store that mess. Allow your office to be unburdened by the discomfort of print and mail supplies.

Your employees won’t be the only ones to feel the relief of an automated print and mail system. Your customers will notice how professional and timely your statements are delivered. By outsourcing your statement printing and mailing needs, you also communicate to your clients that you value them enough to improve communication.

The Team At Towne Mailer

Michael Stronberg was an urban lawyer before deciding he needed a different change of pace. He searched for an opportunity that would meet market demands while also providing a valued service. Michael and his wife moved to Montana to start their first small print and mail service company.

The service they provide was received very well. Businesses learned that outsourcing their print and mail demands was a smart venture, and Michael needed to expand his business to keep up with orders. He made investments in bigger and better equipment and moved into a large warehouse with over seven thousand square feet. Towne Mailer effectively moved from a small “mom and pop” show to a thriving company that supports local, national, and international businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Towne Mailer is always striving for excellence. We constantly seek ways to improve efficiency and save our customers time, money, and effort. We get better at what we do every day.

How To Get Started

Once you realize how simple it is to transition from in-house printing and mailing to a partnership with Towne Mailer, you will question why you didn’t do it sooner. Not only is it simple, but it is also entirely risk-free.

Of course, the first step is to contact us. One of our professional team members will discuss your print and mail needs and be able to calculate exactly how much money you will save by using our services. Once you have decided you would like to try our services, we will send you a link to upload a test document. With absolutely no obligation and no penalty fee, we will send you a test copy for you to check the quality of your final print.

It is important to keep in mind if you are not one hundred percent satisfied with the quality of the test document you are free to decline print. Nothing is printed without your approval. Once you have decided to partner with Towne Mailer, we can print and mail any document with a twenty-four-hour turnaround.

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