One of the many benefits our clients receive by using our statement printing service is information: accurate, well organized, and easy-to-understand information about their mailings. When businesses mail their statements, invoices, or letter in-house, they often have little record of what was sent, to whom, and where. At Towne Mailer, we send back three reports to you each time we complete a job: an itemized submission report, a submission detail report, and a bad address report.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Itemized Submission Report. This report lists how many statements were uploaded by the client as well as how many multiple page and sides there were in the run. This is the most important report for our clients to read because it contains the total document count on our side. This number should be identical to the total document count on the client’s side. If the two numbers are different, we can take a closer look at the job and determine whether documents were missed during the upload or the mailing and correct for the discrepancy as quickly as possible before mailing.
  • Submission Detail Report. This report lists our client’s account number, name, balance, exclusions, and a total amount billed. This report should be closely reviewed by each client for accuracy. Our team members are happy to answer any questions you may have or to clarify anything that you need.
  • Bad Address Report. This important report lists each account number, name, and address that comes up as bad during the mailing process. In addition, we include a code and short explanation of why an address may not be deliverable. A bad address report allows each client to see a clear list of any of their customers, clients, or users who are not receiving their mail due to a bad address. After receiving this report, clients are encouraged to investigate the reason for each bad address and obtain a viable address for their customer. They are also encouraged to update their address database once the issue is resolved. The bad address piece is mailed at full postage rates which results in the piece being returned to the client who then corrects the name and address database and re-mails to the correct address.

Each of these reports will be emailed to you in PDF form after your job is complete. The best way to take advantage of these reports is to have a consistent procedure you use each time you upload your documents and to carefully review each of the three job reports when you receive them, checking them against your databases and against your upload information.

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