The most common reason that businesses choose to work with us is to save time and money outsourcing printing and mailing processes. However, although many of our clients know that they save money by saving time, fewer know that they save both time and money by boosting their own business’ productivity.

Take a Task Off Of Your Employees’ Plate

Think about the employee or employees that you have tasked with billing and invoicing. How many responsibilities do they already have on their plate, and how many of them are put aside each month or each week due to having to print, assemble, and mail invoices and statements. If you are not outsourcing your invoice and statement processing, your employees may be spending a significant amount of their time:

  • Printing invoices, statements, and other materials.
  • Purchasing supplies including paper, ink, and envelopes.
  • Preparing letters or running machines that prepare letters.
  • Presorting and delivering mail to the post office.
  • Corresponding and communicating with the post office.
  • Keeping up-to-date on issues involving mail security.
  • Keeping up-to-date on new mail processing technology.
  • Keeping up-to-date on mailing guidelines and regulations.

Because it is likely that your employees do not specialize in mail and mail processing, it is also likely that they do not have the depth of knowledge or the time to create an efficient system for your business. Not only are they juggling one more responsibility, they are also not executing the responsibility in the best way possible (by no fault of their own).

Give Your Employees More Time To Be Productive

If your employee or employees were not tasked with mail and mail processing responsibilities, what would they have time to do instead? The possibilities are endless. If they are often overworked or rushed, they would have more time to do their current jobs – and to do a much better job. If they have extra time, they could start new projects, work on new initiatives, and help your company grow and improve. For example, an employee might have time to develop new and more efficient systems for other aspects of your business, time to find new customers or clients, or time to think of your business’ next big idea. Outsourcing tasks like printing and mailing your invoices and statements can also help improve employee morale and company culture.

Boost Your Business’ Productivity Today

Saving time and money on mail processing and statement mailing is enough to try Towne Mailer’s services, but you should know that many of our clients comment on both their savings and on their business’ boost in productivity and morale.

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