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Condominium living is growing steadily more popular across the United States, especially in towns and cities where housing prices are rising and inventory is low. People not only like the high value of condo living, they also enjoy the low amount of upkeep and maintenance, the many perks of shared living, and of course, the built-in community that comes with sharing walls and property.

Condominium Associations are a group of unit owners within a condo or group of condos. Associations elect a Board of Directors, which is tasked with collecting assessments and dues, making repairs, maintaining the property, enforcement of condo rules, providing common services, and unit owner disputes.  The board is usually made up of a mix of condo owners and those involved in the development of the condominium.

Communicating With Your Condo Association Members

Especially in large condos or other communally owned properties, it can be a challenge to communicate efficiently and successfully with all of your association members. But frequent, clear communication is vital to smoothly run your community.

At Towne Mailer, we specialize in printing, processing, and mailing invoices, statements, bills and letters and other HOA or Condominium correspondence to group members. This correspondence can include:

  • Association fee billing statements.
  • Association announcements.
  • Association notices.
  • Association information packets and welcome packets.
  • Association ballots and election information.
  • Association late payment notices.
  • Association meeting information, agendas, invitations, and minutes.
  • Association event invitations.
  • Association newsletters.

It can take a significant amount of time to prepare, print, fold, stuff, address, and mail these types of correspondence and many condominium associations don’t know that they can actually save on costs by outsourcing this work to professionals who print and mail each day.

In one easy step, you may upload your information to our highly secure server, then let our team take over from there. Within about 24 hours, your statements, bills, letters, or notices will be in the mail and on their way to your members. The best part? Because of our mail processing professionals and business model, we can print and mail letters for significantly less than you can, and we pass on some of those savings to you.

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