Towne Mailer prides itself on being extremely responsive to an emails and telephone inquiries regarding our print and mail service – we are always pleased to help a potential business client save time, effort and money by handling the task of printing, assembling and mailing their invoices, statements, letters and notices. When we field a request for a free quote, we immediately jump into action.

Our first step after the initial phone call or email is to learn all about you and your business: what you do, how you do it, and what you want to do in the future. We talk to the potential client, check out their website, and read about their mission. The next step is to discuss the needs of the potential client and gather information such as:

  1. The approximate number of invoices, statements, letters or notices they send a month.
  2. The monthly frequency that they are presently printing and mailing and whether or not they would like to change the frequency.
  3. Whether the prospective client presently uses a #9 single window reply envelope and, if not, whether they would like to use one.
  4. Whether the business has a logo that they would like incorporated into the mail piece.
  5.  If the prospective client wants mail pieces with multiple pages duplex printed or single sided printed.
  6. How the prospective client intends to upload the data.
  7. If the business will email us a sample of the existing mail piece so that we have a point of reference  to discuss how the mail piece will look like or how it might have to be modified to fit our generic window envelopes and also meet USPS requirements for reduced First class automated postage.

Once we gather as much information as possible we prepare a quote and email it to the prospective client. The quote covers the following items:

  1. The Basic Rate for a one-page invoice, statement, letter or notice. Generally, this price is in the range of 50 cents to 70 cents depending on the prospective client’s monthly volume and to a lesser extent whether or not a #9 single window reply envelope is to be included. The Basic Rate is All-Inclusive and includes: paper (with or without one-third perferated return), single-sided or duplex printing, #10 double window envelope, #9 single window reply envelope (if applicable), folding, inserting and, most importantly, First Class postage.
  2. The per piece rate for any multiple pages of the invoice, statement, letter or notice, which also depends on whether the page is to be printed simplex (one-sided) or duplex (two-sided). This rate is also all-inclusive and includes: paper, printing, folding and inserting.
  3. The first-time set-up fee which generally ranges from $100-200, depending on the complexity of the setup.

In addition to pricing, we point out that files received by 8 a.m. MST are printed and mailed that day; otherwise there is a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround. Also, we can print – or arrange for the printing of – any inserts that the client wants to include in one or more mailings. Pricing will vary by job and if the client would like to furnish the insert, that is not a problem.

Because we are a full service business mail processor, we offer our clients a 10 percent discount for any separate Bulk Mail marketing project  in addition to the invoice, statement, letter, or notice project.

The most common question we field after the new client wants to go forward is “How fast can we get going?” The answer is that it is up to the client – we can bring them into production as fast as they’d like. The new client contacts our Remote Print Staff, receives login information, discusses the best format in which to upload the data, and discusses the layout of the invoice, statement, letter or notice.

A test file is then uploaded, reviewed and mapped. Then samples are sent to the client or posted on the web for review, comment and approval – all without cost or obligation.

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