Spanish bill processing At Towne Mailer, we understand that our clients have diverse needs and diverse customers – and we are more than happy to help create, print, and mail invoices and statements that reflect those needs. For some of our clients, this means printing invoices, statements, and other documents in both English and Spanish.

Give your Spanish-speaking customers the best billing statement possible

More and more businesses are offering Spanish invoices and statements to their Hispanic customers: simple online enrollment forms allow customers to request Spanish language communications. Not only do these Spanish invoices and statements make your customers happier with your service, it also ensures that your statements are as clear and as easy-to-understand for your customers as possible. The clearer the invoice, the more likely it is that your business is paid quickly, accurately, and without an unneeded call to customer service.

Spanish invoices and statements don’t have to require a complex process

Several years ago, one of our clients, Time Investment Company, needed to start sending some of their monthly statements in Spanish. We worked with them to develop a system that was easy and accurate for both parties and then transitioned to that system seamlessly.

“Even though we changed our data feed around, they were more readily able to understand the changes because they were already familiar with working with us and what we wanted to do,” said company employee Rick Matter. “The entire release took place without any mistakes or errors.”

Why it is easy for businesses to get their Spanish billing statements and invoices printed, processed, and mailed with Towne Mailer?

  • We work with you to develop a unique process that fits your needs and the needs of your customers and clients.
  • We check quality and accuracy every step of the way.
  • We give our clients end-of-job reports that help their track each mailing in detail.
  • We have real staffers answering the phone if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We have a secure uploading system that makes getting us data easy, no matter what language it is in.

Learn more about our Spanish invoice and statement processing service

We are always willing to work with our clients on special jobs, including printing, processing, and mailing invoices in other languages. How do you get started? Give us a call and tell us about your needs. We can set up a process that works for your customers and your situation.

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