What is the Difference Between Invoices and Statements? 

Invoices are documents that record a business’s accounts receivable, or sales that have not been paid for yet. Late payments and unpaid invoices negatively affect a company’s cash flow, so an effective invoicing process tracks paid and unpaid invoices. Here’s an overview of the differences between invoices and statements. An invoice is a payment request, whereas a statement is a summary of previous invoices.

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Invoices are a request for payment 

An invoice is a legal document issued by a business that details goods or services provided to a customer. It is also a form of taxation and must be retained by the seller for reference. An invoice must be accurate to ensure that the seller is paid for the items and services provided. An invoice may also contain mistakes or errors that cause frustration among the customer. To avoid this, make sure your invoices are error-free and include the customer’s signature. 

Statements are a summary of previous invoices 

A statement is a list of a business’s past invoices and payments. It may not contain as much detail as an invoice, but it is nonetheless useful. It shows the date and amount of every transaction, which helps customers match up invoices with receipts. A statement may also contain payment terms and information on how to make payments. In some cases, the statement may not even be received until the next month or a few weeks after an invoice has been paid.

They are generated at time intervals 

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They are legal documents 

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They can be customized 

Almost all QuickBooks users want to customize their invoices and statements to match their company’s branding and tone. These customizations can be done using the Customize Forms and Statements menu in Setup. There, you can choose to show or hide the grid, and adjust the number of rows and columns that appear. To customize a statement, click the Show Grid button to make the grid visible to you. You can also click Snap to Grid to align fields to the nearest grid lines, and change the grid’s spacing between lines. Once you have a grid that you like, you can add elements to it. The following elements are used currently.