Mail Printing & Processing Services For Refuse & Waste Management Companies

Where would we be without the vital services of refuse companies? It probably wouldn’t look good, and it would smell even worse. Our refuse services and waste removal companies work hard each day to make certain our communities are clean and cared for, all while providing us with timely and convenient pick-up services.

Of course, refuse services and garbage removal companies are tasked with much more than just picking up and transporting our trash. They must also run their business, which includes sending a significant amount of correspondence and paperwork to their customers–and their customers are usually in the hundreds or thousands of households and businesses.

Outsource Your Print and Mail Needs With Towne Mailer

It is important for refuse services to communicate well with your customers, both so that waste is picked up efficiently and so that you are paid for your work. It is also important in the case that you have to send out alerts or other important messages.

At Towne Mailer, we specialize in helping companies like refuse services communicate with their customers quickly and clearly. We can help with all of your letter, statement, and bill printing and mailing needs, including:

  • Bills and statements.
  • Newsletters.
  • Late payment notices.
  • Refuse pick-up schedules and holiday schedule changes.
  • New Customer information packets.
  • Recycling information.
  • Letters and notices.
  • Service information.

Why Should Refuse Companies Outsource Their Printing & Mailing Tasks?

Outsourcing is not just a luxury that will save you time–it’s a smart business move that will save you money. Especially refuse companies with a significant number of customers can save, as you will save more if you send more correspondence.

Here are a few more benefits that come with outsourcing your printing and mailing needs:

  • You free up employees. Employees who have to stop what they are doing to print and mail bills, invoices, statements & letters can now return to their other areas of expertise, and contribute more to their workplace.
  • You save room. Don’t worry about storing supplies, making space for printing and sorting machines, or creating lots of surfaces for mail processes. We have tons of space to do the job, so you don’t have to.
  • We keep your info safe. We have many lines of protection, both regarding the safety of your online info and the physical safety of your correspondence before we drop the off at the post office.
  • Your quality is guaranteed. Quality and accuracy are extremely important to us, and we have several checkpoints along the way to ensure that mistakes don’t happen. We also deliver multiple reports to you after your mailing so that you have all the information you need about who received what.
  • Your customers get what they need faster. Our 24-hour turnaround guarantee means that your mail goes out quickly and gets to your customers faster, even if our location may be farther away from you.

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