When a client calls Towne Mailer with a special job, we see it as a challenge, not an inconvenience. One of the more common requests we receive is clients asking us to add an announcement or special message to some or all of their statements and invoices. The software that we utilize makes it easy for us to complete this task, while our quality assurance process makes it easy for us to confirm that the message appears correctly and on the right pieces of mail.

What kind of announcements or statements do our clients add to their letters and documents? Here are just a few examples:

  • An alert that their business has moved or changed their contact information.
  • An announcement that the business is changing a policy or rule.
  • An announcement that the business is changing its name.
  • An announcement that some aspect of the billing process is changing.
  • The announcement of a new website.
  • The announcement of a new service or product.
  • Any important company news.
  • Any important corrections or explanations.
  • A statement that the user’s account is overdue.
  • A statement reminding users of certain policies.

A statement or invoice is an excellent way to make a big announcement to everyone you serve or to inform your customers of an important change that will affect their service or experience. While you can’t guarantee that your customer will open a promotional letter or an announcement email, chances are very high that they are opening and examining their bills.

What should you do if you want to make a special announcement on some or all of your mailings? Just give us a little warning by calling Towne Mailer a few days or weeks before you want the announcement to appear. Our team will talk with you about the details, including what you want your announcement to say, where you want it to appear on your document, and how you want it to look. We will also discuss whether you want the message to appear on all of your letters or just certain letters. You can check how the announcement will look before we print your letters, and we will check for quality during the printing process as well.

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