How is Towne Mailer able to print, process, and mail your bills, invoices and statements so quickly? And how are we able to do what we do for less money than it takes you to complete the same job?

While there are multiple reasons for our efficiency and speed, a good number of our secrets lie in our many invoice and statement processing tools, which allow us to do our work with significant speed and accurately.

Specifically, our statement printing and processing software allows us to engage in variable printing and bill customization down to a single individual bill, invoice or statement making it fast and easy to produce and mail statements even if many of them contain differing messages.

What is Variable Printing?

As you know, every bill, invoice and statement is different: it contains dozens of different fields, from your customer’s name, to their address, to each item on the bill, invoice or statement. However, variable printing tools make it possible to add different information to one or some of your bills, invoices and statements quickly and accurately. For example, you could use a variable printing tool to add a message to just one of your bills or to add a message to only the bills that go to a certain state or a certain type of customer.

Examples of Variable Printing

Variable printing can be used to your advantage in an almost infinite number of ways – you are only limited by your imagination. However, there are four common ways that many companies use variable printing to help their customers and their business:

  • Personalized service messages.
  • Personalized marketing messages.
  • Personalized announcements.
  • Personalized dunning messages

Customized variable printing tools and bill customization tools can help you reach only the customers you need to, when you need to. They can also eliminate the need for extra mailings or inserts, saving you significant time, material and money.

Take Advantage Of Our Free Quote Service

We know that it can be difficult to truly understand how outsourcing your printing and mailing services can help your business – or to know what it’s really like to work with our team. For these reasons, we offer all of our potential customers a free quote in which we will:

  • Speak with you about your printing and mailing needs.
  • Teach you about our services and processes.
  • Set up a hypothetical printing and mailing job.
  • Tell you exactly how much that job will cost per letter, down to the penny.

We want to hear from you and see how we can help! Please request a free quote by calling 877.882.6245.