Almost every business has client invoices and billing to generate at least every month. From medical bills to membership fees, business owners rely on timely business billing to feed the life-blood of their work – that is cash flow! When bill processing is late, overdue, or hindered by downed computers, sick employees, or disorganization of any kind, a disruption to cash flow will inevitably be experienced. And there is hardly any business that has the resources to wait for months to collect on debts incurred by their clients.

Timely billing is, therefore, a cornerstone of the healthy operation of any business. Success or failure of that business is largely based on working capital and frequent and on-time payments by customers. For a business to continue to maintain equipment, purchase inventory, and staff its operation, continual income must infuse the business with money. It is no wonder that many businesses spend a great deal of time and energy generating bills to send to customers.

Unless your business is a bank, or is a large corporation that has multiple departments handling billing, invoicing, and statements, you are likely to have experienced instances where only one or two employees handle all the in-house billing. Perhaps you have a dedicated accountant or a small staff of financial employees handling your billing. Even so, those employees can sometimes miss work due to illness or family emergencies, and the weight of handling the bill printing and mailing falls to other staff members. Not only do you have to employ multiple people to handle the billing, printing, and mailing services, you have to train others on how to handle it when vacations or such emergencies occur. That is a lot of employee hours spent on billing.

Outsourcing your bill printing and mailing can help to eliminate issues such as late bills being sent and can help you streamline your operations to be more efficient and timely. When you free up your staff from the burden of generating, printing and mailing bills to clients, your business will experience a better workflow and more cash in the long run being generated to support your business monthly. Let’s look at a few ways that outsourcing your bill printing and mailing with a service such as Towne Mailer can help you become a more successful business owner.

Relieve Your Stress by Outsourcing Your Billing

Billing your clients can be fraught with stress. If not handled with care, it can be a disorganized and resource-laden process. Not only must you keep track of invoices and bills in a computer database, it must be updated and maintained with detailed accounting practices. Even when using programs designed to make tracking of bills easy, they have to be meticulously managed and maintained in order to ensure accuracy for each and every client. And your customers expect correct billing every time. Mistakes can undermine customer trust in your business and therefore cost a lot more in the long run when your customers lose confidence in your accounting practices.

Perhaps you already outsource your accounting to a third-party accounting firm. Are they also printing and mailing specialists? Do their formatted bills look professional? Do you have to double-check each and every invoice and bill for accuracy? Is their printing quality state-of-the-art? These are questions you must ask yourself about your in-house or outsourced bill accounting. All of that can be stressful to consider. When your income is directly affected by the amount and timeliness of your bill generation, printing and mailing, you are sure to watch carefully for errors and disruptions. There is nothing more stressful than sending late bills, and receiving late payments in turn.

When you partner with a bill printing and mailing company such as Towne Mailer, that stress is relieved. Our business is the business of making sure your business billing runs smoothly, quickly, correctly, and perfectly with each and every mailing. You can rely on our services as we are considered to be the leader in bill printing and mailing in the country.

How Does the Process Work?

Let’s look at how easy it is to partner with Towne Mailer to handle your bill generation, printing and mailing. Your data files can easily be uploaded to our server. From there, we handle printing and mailing your client’s bills to them each time it is needed. That’s it. When you hand over your bill printing and mailing to Towne Mailer, you have an expert service at your disposal to relieve you of the stress, time, and inevitable expense of handling your bill preparation, printing and mailing in-house. You free up valuable time and money so that you can get back to doing what you love about your business the most.

Why would you hold onto doing menial, stressful practices by trying to become an expert at everything you do? When you work with Towne Mailer, you don’t have to master the art of beautifully formatted, printed and mailed bills and invoices anymore. And that means you can become an expert at YOUR business instead of acting as an accountant, print shop, and USPS expert. Leave the bill printing and mailing to Towne Mailer and watch your lifeblood begin to flow more easily and regularly.

How Does This Process Save You Money?

For a reasonable price, each batch of bill printing and mailing we handle for you, your business will actually save money. You will have no more expensive printers and postage machines to buy and maintain, no more high-end software programs to upgrade, and fewer and fewer staff members dedicated to handling your bill printing and mailing. That translates into huge savings of employee hours, overhead expenses, and square footage to house all the office supplies you need to generate, prepare, print, and send out your client bills.

Just take a peek in your storeroom to see how much you have to stock to be able to accomplish your bill printing and mailing services in-house. There are multiple printers, ink and toner, paper and stationery, envelopes of every size, postage machines and stamps all cluttering your backroom, shelves, and employee desks. Organizing it all, taking monthly inventory, purchasing stock every month, and updating all the myriad machines needed to handle it all can be daunting. Just imagine how much of your workload you could eliminate by partnering with a professional bill printing and mailing service such as Towne Mailer.

All the output of income you are spending now on handling your own bill printing and mailing is just the income you need to grow your business. When you free up valuable capital to put back into your business, you are able to focus your energy on what you do best. Your business practices, services, and products will directly benefit from this extra cash. And your wallet will also be filled from all the time you save on employee pay and hours. Your employees will be able to focus on helping your business to grow, to innovate, and to service your clients with more vim and vigor.

Partnering with Towne Mailer offers you the peace of mind you need to be able to let go of mundane tasks and redefine your mission statement. We’ve helped thousands of businesses to do just that, so we know firsthand how much we have to offer you. Don’t wait for another billing cycle to give Towne Mailer a try. You will be glad you took the leap of faith once you partner with us.

Who is Towne Mailer?

We at Towne Mailer are considered to be one of the leading bill printing and mailing services in the country. Using state-of-art technology in printing and mailing equipment in our 7,000 square foot facility located in Missoula, MT, we proudly service clients with bill printing and mailing all over the United States. Our customer service is unparalleled in excellence, and we strive to be the best in our field as we expand annually.

We do not consider ourselves to be just a printing and mailing company. We are your partners in billing, invoicing, and statement printing and mailing. We specialize in bill printing and mailing for both large and small businesses alike. There is no size order considered to be out of our capability. And we offer exceptional service quality of the highest standard to each and every one of our clients and their requirements.

Partnering with Towne Mailer will give you the competitive edge you deserve to be able to rely on timely bill printing and mailing for your customers. We will help your reputation, your business flow, and your management of billing to be easy, stress-free, and streamlined. When you reach out to us, we will help you to alleviate your stress, your workload, and your staff of the mundane burden of bill printing and mailing. We guarantee our services, so there is nothing for you to lose by giving us a try. Call us today for a no-obligation quote on how we can save you time, money, and headache by taking the bill printing and mailing off your plate.

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