What is it that inspires you to throw off the convention of working for others to open your own business? What motivates you to risk everything on driving towards the dream of being your own boss? What drives you to live your life outside the corporate model to invent streams of income from your own talents, innovation, and ingenuity?

Every small business owner has a story of life before becoming their own boss. They can recount the triumphs and failures they experienced in the business world before forging a path of independence from the corporate world. Each business owner can recall the moment when they knew that they would never be happy working for someone else.

The reasons that people choose to cast off the model that our parents and grandparents worked within taking jobs as young people and retiring 50 years later from that same company vary from person to person. Yet, there are some key motivators that seem to be at the top of the list for those that follow their own roads to success in the business world. Here are some of the top reasons that entrepreneurs report why starting a business is attractive to them.

Be Your Own Boss

In worldwide surveys, one of the biggest motivators for Americans to become entrepreneurs is that they want to become their own boss. In the U.S., people are taught that individual freedom awaits them. You are told that you are the creator of your own destiny in the land of freedom. You are fiercely independent and nothing exercises that independence more than becoming your own boss by opening up a business of your own.

Make More Money

As an employee of someone else’s business, you work tirelessly over the years, giving to another person’s dream, another person’s passion, and another person’s wallet. Your income is relatively static, never growing much except for the annual cost of living raises that don’t translate to growing your bank account and assets. You feel stuck in a job that will never pay you what you deserve. Another person benefits from your blood, sweat, and tears. Starting your own business, however precarious or risky, offers the opportunity to make your failures and your accomplishments your own. You are rewarded for your hard work with more money when you are successful.

Harness Your Creativity

Working for someone else is usually not as fulfilling as turning your passion into your productivity by starting your own business. When you are working for someone else, there will always be eyes on your work, keeping you in line with whatever the goals are for the company for which you work. You may never feel the satisfaction of being able to do something, create something from scratch on your own based on your talents and drive. You may feel stifled, stunted, held back from your full potential. Being in charge of your work gives you all the freedom to explore your creativity and harness it for your own successful ends.

Diversify Your Talents

Often times when you work for someone else, you have one role, one function, one job duty. You are specialized to the point of total boredom. You lack the ability to branch out, learn new tasks, and expand on your knowledge and education as you stay in one place your whole career focusing on one aspect of someone else’s vision. When you run your own business, you can challenge yourself to change, try new things, educate yourself to do something more, and innovate to grow your business as you see fit.

Explore Your Passion

When you work for someone else, it is not always a job that is something that you feel passionate about from the depths of your soul. It is a rare person that finds a career they love more than anything else when they rely on someone else to provide that employment. It is usually a job you fall into and learn to enjoy over time if you are lucky. Being your own boss affords you the opportunity to cash in on whatever it is that makes you happy. Be it a skill, talent, learned occupation, or created product that gets you excited about life, you are able to follow that dream when you start your own business.

Set Your Own Hours

As an employee of someone else’s business, you are subjected to working when the business is open from the location of that business. While a self-employed business owner can almost always expect to work more hours more days a week and carry that business worry and stress home with them, it is sometimes more preferable than the mundanity of working 9 am-5 pm, 5 days a week for someone else. Your time is up to you. Weekends and holidays can be yours. You can set your own schedule and reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of the mismanagement of your time. That can be both positive and negative when it comes to being your own boss.

The Drawbacks of the Solo Mindset

As a small business owner, you have become accustomed to doing everything yourself. From concept to execution, you sometimes get caught up in the misconception that being your own boss means you have to handle everything involved in your business yourself. You fall victim to the old adage that “if you want something done right, you better do it yourself” and that idea can hamper your ability to get things done in the long run. You become overly controlling, unable to incorporate others’ ideas, and you begin to stagnate from lack of creativity and support from others. Your services lack breadth and depth as you spread yourself too thin do anything really well.

The Antidote To Having Too Many Tasks To Do In-House

One of the best ways to ensure that you never get stuck in the trap of trying to do everything yourself is to partner with other like-minded businesses to hire out your non-essential services to others. This concept, called outsourcing, is a way to use outside talent to give your business the edge it needs to surpass the competition. By joining forces with outside resources, you bring the skill and expertise of some of the best in the business into your team, without having to handle the costs of employing them full-time into your company. Outsourcing is a way to maximize support and minimize in-house mundane tasks. Outsourcing helps you to save money, save time, reduce waste, and harness and focus your energy on your core competencies.

How Will Joining Forces With A Printing And Mailing Specialist Be Of Benefit?

Outsourcing your invoice printing and mailing needs is one of the key ways to eliminate repetitive yet crucial systems within your business. Invoice printing and mailing can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly to do in-house. It is one of the easiest things to outsource to an outside invoice printing and mailing company such as Towne Mailer.

How Does It Work?

Outsourcing your invoice printing and mailing is easy. Let’s say you have 500 client invoices that need to be printed and mailed every month or billing cycle. You have your client files saved on the computer and updated by you or an accountant. But, every month, one of your employees has to double-check all the updates to the accounts, print, fold, stuff the envelopes, seal them, affix postage, and take them to the post office to mail. That is a lot of time spent on getting your invoices out to your customers.

These invoices must be handled in a timely manner, securely, and without fail, every cycle or your business income flow will suffer. Therefore, though it is not a core function of your business products or services, the survival of your business is directly impacted by how reliably your process works. Doing it in-house creates a ton of paperwork for your employees and you must trust that it can be done efficiently and effectively every time.

When you join forces for those invoices with Towne Mailer as your printing and mailing specialists, you bring the power of experts in the filed into the fold. You essentially add to your business people that specialize in invoice printing and mailing so that you don’t have to become a printing and mailing specialist yourself. You can get back to what it is that motivated you to become your own boss by creating, marketing, and managing your products and services while leaving the mundane tasks to those that know printing and mailing better than you ever could.

Who Is Town Mailer?

Towne Mailer is a locally owned and operated invoice printing and mailing specialty business located in Missoula, MT. With over 20 employees working in our state-of-the-art printing facility, we are the leaders in printing and mailing in the country, serving clients all over the U.S. We are your trusted invoice printing and mailing partner with which to join forces to help your business to succeed.

Partnering with us is easy. Just call or email us with your invoice project today. We will get you started by having you upload a test document to our online, automated system. Once we post a proof to review and approve, we’ll print your invoices and mail them out to your customers within 24 hours. Our commitment to excellent quality and customer service and satisfaction will relieve you of the duties that you turn over to us and we’ll become your partners for life.

When it comes to printing and mailing invoices, we are number one in our business. Let’s join forces to get your invoices printed and mailed right away. Reach out to us today!

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