Few, if any, young people today are required to take a high school class called “Home Economics” (also known as Family or Consumer Science), which teaches family finances and community economics. Home Economics is where students learn how to balance a checkbook, save receipts, file taxes, review financial statements, and study money management. The purpose is to teach young students how to live as an individual and how to become the head of a household. Understanding the purpose of this education, you can see why so many people lament the loss of such training. Many young people who have not been taught these skills struggle with making smart financial decisions. Plus, they struggle in businesses that require smart financial planning. Their financial literacy is hurting.

Whether you have had Home Economics or not, you have developed your financial literacy through various life experiences. Financial literacy includes all of your combined skills and knowledge which influence your decision making with your available finances. Some of the best resources for developing financial literacy are provided and mailed to us by our financial institutions or accounting firms. Financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, profits and losses, statements of cash flow, and statements of retained earnings provide an overall snapshot of an individual’s or a business’s financial standing. These statements are incredibly important documents that develop financial literacy and influence all financial decisions. Statements are some of the most important resources of financial information. Therefore, it is absolutely critical for the information provided on statements to be accurate, up-to-date, and mailed out in a timely manner.

Does your company value your customers’ financial literacy? Do you provide regular statements as a much-needed resource for customers? If so, you must be familiar with the labor that goes into printing and mailing statements on a regular basis. It’s a really hefty process!

If you haven’t already, it is time to transition your business to using a professional printing and mailing service for all of your statements. Outsourcing to a printing and mailing service is no only helpful in reducing your in-house workload, but it has also become the industry standard. Because a printing and mailing service provides consistent and accurate statement information, it is a vital piece to creating a more financially literate society.

The Devil Is In The Details

Let’s face it, no one gets excited for the long, drawn-out process of printing and mailing statements. But, as we mentioned before, these tasks are not only vital to your company’s reputation, they are of utmost importance to your client’s livelihood. When employees are stuck with a job they don’t like doing, they are more likely to make mistakes! This means you are leaving the most crucial tasks in the hands of employees who most likely would rather be doing something else! Don’t saddle your in-house crew with this huge burden! Hire a professional and

reliable printing and mailing service and take the risk of human error out of the equation!

While a professional printing and mailing service does not review for accuracy, the chance of error is greatly reduced when the process is automated. If statements consistently depend on manual input, a decimal can be misplaced, a name can be misspelled, or a date could be confused. With a printing and mailing service, all of the information is input correctly by your business one time, then computerized from there on out!

In any significant transaction, details matter. Accuracy is crucial. If a statement your business provides is somehow inaccurate, there is surely a cascade of problems to follow. You could jeopardize not only your livelihood but an entire business’s good standing. Simply put, with each statement your company prints and mails, your company’s reputation is on the line! The last thing you want for your company is for customers to stop trusting you and question the integrity of your work. If one decimal point is out of place, you have hurt your overall credibility. If someone’s name is wrong or simply misspelled, you have hurt client relationships. If you have assigned the wrong date to time-sensitive information, you have damaged your effectiveness. Don’t lose company credibility because there is so much room for human error.

With a professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, the details are automated. Therefore, the possibility of minor mistakes is eliminated. After client information has been uploaded to our system by your company, automated statements are produced, printed, and mailed regularly and on time. Think about what a relief this can be for your in-house team! Hiring a printing and mailing service to process your customer’s statements is a smart business move!

Help Articulate A Financial Vision

As mentioned before, many young professional men and women have not been provided with a long history of financial education. Most public education does not include instruction about personal or home finances. Therefore, many young professionals have taught themselves how to manage their money through trial and error. This means that the financial statements your business provides become valuable resources in creating their vision for their financial future. Individuals turn to statements to determine their financial standing. Statements are powerful tools when individuals consider what they should do with their money. They observe financial statements and create a vision for the future based on the information provided. The concern with individuals who lack some financial literacy is that they take all the information provided in statements at face value. They rarely, if ever, consider that there could be mistakes in the information provided on the statement. This means they move forward with managing their finances without asking questions. If your statements are irregular, incorrect, or out of date, their entire financial future is jeopardized.

A printing and mailing service mitigates this risk! Your business can help individuals articulate their financial vision by guaranteeing regular, accurate, and up-to-date statements. A printing and mailing service provides quick and accurate processing. There is no delay due to your company schedule or human error since a printing and mailing service is automated. A printing and mailing service is far more dependable than any other option.

Build Interest In Your Business

Another benefit of sending out timely, accurate, and up-to-date statements is that it attracts other customers. Financial Statements that are printed and mailed out on a regular basis are often shared by clients. Presenting information in a clear manner will help to ensure the company you keep is full of fellow professionals.

Save Time and Money

You are most likely cautious and scrupulous with your money. Most good business owners are. The thought of outsourcing some of your work may have you questioning costs. Did you know that it is cheaper to outsource to a printing and mailing service? Think about all the time, energy, and money spent on printer ink, paper, machines, mechanical upkeep, and, most importantly, employee wages! If you are printing and mailing your statements in-house, you are no doubt spending far more than a professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, will charge. Plus, you use important employee time with the task of gathering documents, printing statements, stuffing envelopes, applying stamps, and carting everything to the mail. This not only costs more than a professional printing and mailing service costs, but it is also hard on your employees.

Towne Mailer

The truth is that a printing and mailing service not only allows you to streamline your operational duties, but it also helps you convey vital information accurately. Money is wasted by putting the burden of such tasks on your in-house team. When you provide regular, timely, accurate statements to your customers, free of human error, you are telling everyone involved that you value your company and their livelihood. Outsourcing to a printing and mailing service is truly an act of compassion for your office team and your customers.

Towne Mailer provides local, national, and international printing and mailing services to companies who value their customers and employees enough to streamline the process and cost of sending out statements. Towne Mailer’s goal is not unlike yours—to provide exceptional customer service with quality statements. Because we are automated, we can provide the timeliest and cost-effective option for statement printing and mailing. Towne Mailer is a printing and mailing service that hopes to inspire greater customer relationships for your business. We have nearly twenty years of experience processing statements in all industries. We feel confident that we can provide you with the expert support that you need. Customer communication is at the foundation of our business philosophy. We know how to exceed the expectations of any printing and mailing service, and we are excited to show you what we’ve got!

There is no-obligation attached to any inquiry. If you have any questions or concerns which we can address, please give us a call. We are approachable and easy to talk with. Let us know how we can help you and your business achieve the printing and mailing service you need.

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