How Often Should You Send Direct Mail? 

There are two main factors to consider when deciding how often you should send direct mail. First, remember that the American Marketing Association recommends mailings once every 21 days. This will avoid overload and keep your customers informed. If you are sending more than one direct mail item per week, however, you risk losing the interest of your customers. So, what should you do? Listed below are some tips to keep in mind when sending direct mail.

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Timing. If your direct mail campaign is aimed at parents, you should send it before the school year starts. Remember that most parents are shopping for school supplies, so they will anticipate receiving mail offers. Also, you should remember that one mailing is never enough to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. However, you can test your mailing frequency just like you would the other components. A campaign should be sent out more frequently if it contains a valuable offer. 

When to send a direct mail: Remember that direct mail is special because customers don’t get it too often. Sending too much mail can be considered spam, which erodes customer trust. However, you can send out emails at specific times of the year, such as on a customer’s birthday or after they’ve made a purchase. To keep your customers engaged, send out direct mail several times a year. 

Time of year: If you plan to send out mail frequently, you might want to consider sending direct mail during the winter holidays. As you send Christmas cards and other seasonal messages, people will be more likely to read your direct mail. If your direct mail is tied to holiday sales, gifts, or events, you’ll see more interaction from your customers. So, when should you send direct mail? Keep in mind the timing and frequency of your mailings, as they are crucial factors. 

Quality list: When sending direct mail, ensure that your direct mail pieces are proofread before distribution. Typos, formatting issues, and poor print quality can ruin a direct mail campaign. Proofread your copy and ask a proofreader to check it for mistakes and flow. They can also edit your content if needed. But, make sure you use high-quality lists if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaigns. 

Target audience: Whether your mail is targeted or mass-mailed, there are many factors to consider. The reach of your direct mail campaign depends on the type of recipients it reaches. Some businesses and nonprofit organizations want to reach a large number of people because their products or services appeal to many people who share common interests. Those who live in a specific area are likely to be interested in local businesses, and people under a certain age may be a good match for your life insurance before your next birthday. 

In general, people throw out advertising mail after 17 days. This gives them enough time to read the mail. If your direct mail is targeted toward repeat customers, it’s more likely to be opened and read. You can send out three drops per campaign, allowing each to get the attention of your potential customers. For a larger impact, make sure your mailings are relevant and timely. This way, you will get more customers, as well as stand out among the clutter.