How Much Does It Cost To Send Out Direct Mail? 

The first thing to decide is what type of direct mail you’ll send. Postcards are the cheapest type of direct mail, and they can be sent in various sizes and formats. Letters are typically longer and contain multiple pages, but can be justified if your message is simple. Letters and postcards also come in a variety of formats. For instance, you might send a small postcard if you’re just looking to spread a simple idea throughout the mail. Self-mailers, on the other hand, do not require an envelope, making them an ideal choice for low-cost marketing. Another advantage of self-mailers is that they are lightweight and easy to design. Oversize envelopes, on the other hand, are expensive.

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Whether or not to use a designer depends on the amount of money you’d be willing to spend. Professional copywriters can cost between $100 and $2000 per piece, depending on the complexity of the copy and the number of words. Some businesses choose to work with a copywriter they have on staff, which makes the process less expensive. Similarly, a designer can charge as much as $30 for one-page templates. 

Whether or not you hire a third-party agency or write your own copy is another important aspect of direct mail costs. The quality of the copy will determine the overall cost and ROI of the campaign. Good copy will compel people to take an action. Even though most direct mail campaigns are expensive, they are still a worthwhile investment. If you’re planning to create a direct mail campaign, you should compare the costs and quality of your copywriting with those of a professional agency or design firm. 

Another hidden cost in direct mail is the time it takes to create a mailing campaign. The process can take dozens of hours, and you’ll want to plan for as much time as possible to create the most effective marketing campaign. If you’re launching several campaigns, you should be prepared to spend an additional $2,000 over the course of a year. Further, if you’re sending out a bulk of mail to your customers, you can expect to pay as much as $22,000 or more in additional costs. 

The cost of a direct mail campaign is largely dependent on the type of mail you send, how many pieces you’ll send, and the destination of your mailings. First class mailers, for example, will cost $10 to $30 each, while standard postcards are only around ten to thirty cents each. Also, you should factor in the cost of designing the mail piece. This can be done with Microsoft Word for free, but if you’re interested in a more professional design, you’ll need to purchase a template or hire a graphic designer. 

When you decide to use direct mail, mailing lists are an important part of the overall cost of the campaign. It is crucial that you know your audience so that you can tailor your mailings accordingly. Most marketers opt for specific mailing lists. You can buy mailing lists of car owners, vegans, and 25-55 year Old.  for example. The costs for acquiring mailing lists vary according to the type of business you’re running. The cost for residential mailing lists starts at $0.03 per record and goes up to $30 per thousand.