How Many People Open Direct Mail? 

If you’re wondering how many people open direct mail, you’re not alone. The number is as high as 90%, depending on what you’re looking for. But it’s important to remember that not everyone reads everything they receive, and you need to be sure that they do. Luckily, direct mail gets the attention of consumers without a lot of distractions.

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A recent study has shown that 90 percent of people open direct mail. That is more than email, which only receives 23 percent of the open rate. Emails often get marked as spam and never opened, whereas people open direct mail without hesitation. This is because consumers often find direct mail easier to read and engage with than emails. 

Direct mail is a more effective marketing tool than emails for several reasons. First, it’s visible and tangible. Your customers will be much more likely to remember your brand when they receive a direct mail piece. Furthermore, direct mail is more likely to be remembered by customers than digital ads nearly half of consumers can recall your brand if they see it in a direct mail piece. 

In addition, direct mail is still highly effective. Brand recall from direct mail is 70 percent higher than in other channels, and most people who open a piece of direct mail make a purchase. Another interesting study by neuromarketing research firm True Impact Marketing shows that people recall brand information from direct mail ads 75% of the time, compared to only 44% of digital ads. The study also shows that direct mail has a high motivation-to-cognitive-load ratio, which reflects its broad in-market success. 

Motivation score 

Direct mail still has a large market, so marketers must take advantage of that. While many marketers are trying to use digital media to increase their sales, direct mail is still king when it comes to response rates. Direct mail is 79% more likely to be read by consumers than any other type of advertising, making it a superior choice for generating a response. 

The highest motivation scores for direct mail came from the presence of sensory features such as scent and sounds. The more interesting and interactive the direct mail, the higher the motivation score. TSI encourages mailers to incorporate more innovative print techniques, including interactive elements and specialty substrates. These techniques can improve the quality of the direct mail message, helping consumers stay focused on the message. 

The younger generation is poised to be a major factor in the coming decade, and they will hold more influence over marketing efforts. More than a third of Millenials are excited to open their mail each morning. The younger demographic also enjoys receiving advertisements through the mail, making it a more powerful way to reach this generation of consumers. 


Direct mail is one of the most popular marketing channels. It has a wide range of demographics and is less cluttered than many digital channels. For example, older consumers prefer receiving direct mail to learn about new products and services and often read it before seeking advice from friends or family. And while email is the preferred channel for marketing, direct mail is still far superior, as nearly 75% of households read some mail each day. 

Direct mail is an excellent marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Unlike emails, it has no limits in terms of who you can reach. This means that your direct mail reaches people who aren’t reached through any other medium. It’s also more personal and creative, so it’s more likely to be opened and read. When combined with your digital marketing strategy, direct mail can provide a highly targeted message to your audience and make your company shine!