How Many People Open Direct Mail? 

You might be asking yourself, how many people open direct mail? In general, they tend to read it nine out of ten times. But why are these people so receptive to print mail? The answer lies in three factors: lower cognitive effort, personalization, and low cost. Let’s explore each one to find out how you can improve your direct mail marketing. We will also look at the benefits of using direct mail in the marketing mix. 

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9 out of 10 times 

Did you know that nearly 90% of consumers open direct mail? This is a surprising figure because countless emails get ignored or thrown in the trash. While it’s true that emails are easier to ignore, direct mail is an excellent way to catch someone’s eye and generate interest in an offer. The average time that people keep advertising mail is around 17 days, so it is easy to see why direct mail is such a powerful marketing tool. 

28% more purchases 

Direct mail has been proven to influence consumers’ buying decisions. Studies have shown that consumers will spend more money and make more purchases when they receive a direct mail piece. According to ANA/DMA statistics, consumers respond to direct mail better than email. Direct mail has a response rate of 28% higher than email. Moreover, people keep direct mail pieces for an average of 17 days. This means that direct mail can influence the buying behavior of consumers more effectively than any other form of advertising. 

Lower cognitive effort 

Direct mail leaves a greater impression on consumers than email. According to a study conducted by True Impact, consumers recall a brand name after reading a direct mail ad compared to 44% of consumers who saw the same brand via digital marketing. Direct mail is also more effective at eliciting brand recall, with 75% of recipients able to recall the brand after reading a direct mail ad. 


One of the most common questions marketers ask when trying to determine how many people open direct mail is how to personalize it. The answer to this question largely depends on the type of direct mail you’re sending. Direct mails can be personalized with a variety of methods, from design and content to mailing style and quantity. When it comes to the latter, direct mails tend to have higher open rates than email. This is probably because people don’t throw out stacks of mail when they open their mailboxes. In addition, direct mail gets undivided attention because there are fewer distractions. 

Higher response rate 

Direct mail offers marketers a variety of benefits. Direct mail has no boundaries, unlike advertisements on the internet, which are limited to what the user searches for on the search engine, which social network they use, and even how often they use that platform. Millennials are the largest consumer segment and can be especially difficult to reach online. As many as two-thirds of these users use ad blockers, making it even more important to reach them with direct mail.