Customer communication is a cornerstone for any successful enterprise. It’s no wonder that having good client relationships begins and ends with efficient, timely, and coherent systems for billing, invoicing, statement sending, and general correspondence. No matter how good a business is at manufacturing, production, marketing, and employee management, failures in client communication can make or break a business.

There are so many factors that go into making a business successful. From the initial start-up to giant growth periods, it is so difficult to be experts in everything. However, for most businesses, self-reliance is not just a priority, it is a must. Independence can be taken to the extreme until a business owner literally spends every precious moment trying to handle every aspect of operations.

It takes skill and trust to be good at outsourcing aspects of a business to a third party. And yet, there is so much data to support how outsourcing, particularly the mundane tasks of bill printing and mailing can significantly increase productivity, reduce costs, and generally enhance flow for small and large businesses alike. What exactly is outsourcing?

What Exactly Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is just a complicated word for handing over certain aspects of your business to an outside specialist. That’s it. There are so many ways to use outsourcing to benefit your business. In strategic management, outsourcing is one of the best ways to save money, time, and resources of all kinds. Let’s look at an example of outsourcing.

A family-owned bakery specializing in home-baked bread, cookies, scones, donuts, and croissants, offers delicious artisan baked goods to its community. Filled with pastry flours, sugars, baking powder, butter, nuts, chocolate, and creams, this popular bakery handles everything from procuring the best wheat to making the creamiest cupcake frosting imaginable.

One day, a client comes in and asks for a gluten-free treat. The manager explains that because the bakery is powdered in flour, it would be impossible to make a truly gluten-free snack that would comply with gluten-free standards. Any attempt to make one in-house would result in contamination of the gluten-free items with the wheat-based products.

With some creative research, the family business owner finds a local company that specializes in wholesale, gluten-free pastries. In no time, this locally loved bread shop is able to sell gluten-free products to its loyal gluten-sensitive clients. Rather than fighting with resources to endeavor to make their bakery comply with gluten-free standards, this bakery does the smart thing by outsourcing the specific gluten-free product from someone else. This is just one simple example of outsourcing.

How Does Outsourcing Bill Printing Help?

Outsourcing your billing can be as easy as the example above. When you partner with a reputable expert in the field of bill printing and mailing such as Towne Mailer, you will be able to hand over the management and execution of one of the most resource-laden aspects of business ownership. Towne Mailer takes your billing data, prepares it for mailing, and sends it out within twenty-four hours. Just imagine how much time and energy could be reserved for other aspects of your business when you choose to partner with a third party company to handle your bill printing and mailing.

outsource bill printing and mailingReviewing your business processes regarding bill printing and mailing is the first step. Your employees spend dozens of hours on the time-consuming demands of preparing and mailing bills and statements. Even if you use an online database to help organizations, due to the possibility of a high number of errors in automated services such as these, you still have to check each bill, contact individual creditors or debtors, and hand-check each file.

When you hand over such a labor-intensive activity, your workweek is refocused on creative tasks instead of the drudgery of bill preparation and mailing. Imagine a creative staff focusing time and energy on innovation, expansion, and invigoration for your business instead of plowing through piles of bills and paperwork. Towne Mailer is an expert at handling bill printing and mailing for clients all around the country. Isn’t it time you looked into outsourcing your bill printing and mailing with a service such as Towne Mailer?

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing?

There are some proven benefits to outsourcing your bill printing and mailing services. When you take on this task in-house, there are equipment purchases and maintenance, storeroom paper stocking, reports, and computer upgrades, and data protection to manage. Outsourcing your bill printing and mailing can help your business to minimize purchases of costly printers, stockpiles of paper goods and printing supplies, and time spent in handling sensitive data.

Not only does outsourcing reduce costs in time and money, but it also raises the quality and overall professionalism of your billing. Instead of your billing looking like a low-end product on a sub-standard printer, your designs are cutting edge, your bills are streamlined, and your end result is a more exceptional presentation.

Rather than trying to become a first-rate printing house, you can leave that work to us so that you can get back to doing the business of your business. An in-house bill printing and mailing service could never compare to the professional product we offer at Towne Mailer.

Another common issue is timeliness. When you outsource your bill printing and mailing, you will never again have to worry about missed deadlines, overdue bills, and late fees from those issues. Clients that receive consistent, timely, and professional-looking bills that are printed using the most modern layouts and techniques will feel confident paying in a timely manner in turn. And the result is better cash flow for you and your business.

How Does The Process Work?

We at Towne Mailer can help you get started handing over the mundane task of bill printing and mailing immediately. When you call us, we will ask you some questions about your current practices, and try our best to determine your needs so that we can take over your bill printing and mailing.

The first step is to call us and speak with one of our customer service agents. You will be asked to upload a test document. Also, you will always be asked to sign-off on the samples we post for your review before we print anything, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a chance to correct errors before anything is mailed. Once you approve the printing, we guarantee a twenty-four-hour turnaround of those bills and your clients will see timely, organized, proper paperwork promptly arriving in their mailboxes.

Leave the deadlines to Towne Mailer and you will be on your way to doing other more creative tasks. Imagine the freedom of letting go of those headaches. It’s our goal to be the right solution to fill the bill. Literally.

What Kind Of Business Can Benefit From Towne Mailer?

Do you have a small non-profit business with just a handful of employees trying to manage donations and mailing lists? Do you work with a charity, church, or foundation needing to process bills, invoices, tax-donation receipts, and thank-you letters? Are you a large company with hundreds of clients who require regular billing, invoicing, and statements? Are you a medical office that needs to process bills and insurance claims all at once?

Every type of business from small to large, from non-profit to for-profit, from a local bakery to a booming corporation can benefit from outsourcing billing and printing services to a company such as Towne Mailer. If you are still uncertain as to whether we might be a good fit for your business, feel free to give us a call so we can put your mind at ease on how simple the process can be of turning over your bill printing and mailing to Towne Mailer.

Who Is Towne Mailer?

Towne Mailer is located in Missoula, Montana with more than twenty years of experience in printing and mailing services, so we are very in-tune with the newest practices. Though we started humbly with only a handful of employees, our small office has expanded into a 7,000 square foot, state-of-the-art warehouse with over twenty staff members and state of the art equipment. We proudly serve thousands of companies nationally in the printing of all kinds including bills, invoices, statements, and more.

Because we work with small and large companies alike, we understand the different needs of each respective business and are highly trained to expect commonalities among different groups and the challenges you face in your business. We treat all of our clients with the same respect and relevance, no matter how large or small the company or task. You will always receive professional, personal care in handling your company bill printing and mailing needs.

Get started today. Call us for a quote on how Towne Mailer can save you time and money. Our team is standing by to answer all of your questions and concerns and to get you started with a no-obligation test today. Let Towne Mailer be your partner in growing your business and relieving the stress of your bill printing and mailing. You’ll be glad you did!

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