Using an outsource provider for your print and mail services can save you money in a lot of different ways. Not only does it cost less for us to print and mail your invoices, statements and bills, but you can also save on supplies, machinery, office space, and personnel. Another way that you can save money by outsourcing your printing and mail processing is by enhancing your risk management and cutting down on expensive mistakes and security breaches.

At Towne Mailer, we only print and mail invoices, statement, notices, bills, letters and documents. Because that’s our specialty, we do it very well and take it very seriously. One aspect of our process that helps us (and our clients succeed) is our risk management processes and top-level security measures.

How can we help you avoid risk when it comes to your printing and mailing needs?

  • We send you reports that outline every mailing. Each time we complete a printing and mailing job for your business, we send you three different reports that outline exactly what we printed and mailed for you and to whom and when. We also send you a report listing any bad addresses we found in your data. These reports keep a solid record of what has been mailed and can help prevent or alleviate mistakes.
  • We have on-site quality assurance. We check the accuracy and quality of your mailing every step of the way as it makes its way around our shop and to the post office, from the time it is received, printed, assembled, metered and delivered to the Post Office. 
  • We have several levels of cyber security. Our online security measures include a secure router, a secure server, and lots of encryption, which means that your data is extremely safe during the uploading and downloading processes.
  • We also have on-site security. In addition to our online security measures, we also have top-notch physical security at our building that makes certain that all of your information stays safe while it is in our hands.
  • Our employees all sign non-disclosure agreements. Our employees are like family and most have been with us for years–but on top of that fact everyone signs an NDA that ensures that your information is safe with them and won’t leave the building.
  • We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround for regular mailings. A late mailing can be disastrous in a number of ways for a business, but it won’t happen to you at Towne Mailer. We have a 24-hour (or less) turnaround guarantee, and in the many years of our operation, we’ve never broken it.

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