From challenges with hiring and maintaining skillful staff to marketing and securing product relevance, there are many unavoidable obstacles businesses face regularly. The most upsetting issues seem to be financial challenges. There are innumerable financial trials that businesses must face. A good financial plan can keep a business thriving, while a weak or poorly executed plan can cause a business to become stagnant or fall apart entirely.

Fortunately, to improve your business’ financial health you don’t need pure luck, you need a well-constructed and easily executed plan. The more you understand where your business is losing money, the better prepared you are to find solutions.

There are many reasons why companies decide to outsource business processes. Some of those reasons include cutting back on overhead expenses and focusing on core business goals. No matter how big your business is or what industry you are in, outsourcing your printing and mailing needs to a professional print and mail processing center, like Towne Mailer, can save you time, effort, and money.

Save Money Through Outsourcing Statement Printing And Mailing

Does your business send out at least 200 invoices and statements per month? If so, are you aware you can save money by outsourcing all your printing and mailing needs to a professional printing and mailing service?

It seems counter-intuitive to think that you could be doing less work to earn more money, but that is the goal for most businesses, isn’t it? We have all heard the adage, “You have to spend money to save money.” Well, this is one area where that concept applies.

Unless you own a mail service company, you most likely did not start a business with enthusiasm for organizing, printing, sorting, and delivering statements. It most likely is one of many tasks that you and your staff reluctantly trudge through every month. Don’t weigh your office down with meaningless paperwork that can easily be outsourced to professionals.

If you are willing to invest in a partnership with a professional printing and mailing service like Towne Mailer, you can actually save money. There are many ways for a savvy business owner to save money for their company while simultaneously increasing their revenue. But many business owners are hesitant to spend money in order to save money. It’s hard for frugal businessmen to spend the money upfront. Outsourcing a few basic office tasks, like statement printing and mailing, not only saves you time and effort, it can save you considerable revenue.

Since Towne Mailer specializes in printing, processing, and mailing orders, we have the staff and technology to accomplish bulk production with peak efficiency. We are designed to streamline large production printing and mailing, so our services can save your business time and money.

How Does Towne Mailer Print And Mail Statements So Efficiently?

Our state-of-art printers and inserters allow us to print, fold and insert statements at a phenomenal speed. That means we can process thousands and thousands of statements per day. Our process is entirely automated and therefore guarantees that we can process your mail much faster.  Think about how much time your office spends inputting data, printing, folding, stuffing, sorting, and delivering mail.

printing and mailing serviceLet’s look at this closely. If you have the staff and the efficiency to process one statement per minute, that means 500 statements is an entire day’s worth of work (without calculating the time for a lunch break). One statement completely processed per minute is a very conservative measurement. Even very efficient offices spend 3-5 minutes inputting data, printing, folding, stuffing, and sorting each statement. You could occupy a full day of your staff’s time to manage all your statements. Not to mention what other mail needs you might have.

With Towne Mailer, the process is much simpler. After your staff uploads the statement information to our secure website, our automated system completes the work from there. That means we can process through thousands of statements in a short period of time and guarantee a 24-hour turnaround. Documents can even be sent out on the same day we receive them, and no later than the following business day. This increased productivity alone saves your business from expensive manpower.

Another way we save our clients money is by buying bulk supplies. Our facility has the space and the infrastructure to safely store and manage very large quantities of mail supplies. We buy envelopes and paper in semi-truck loads. Just like the savings you see at the grocery store, buying bulk supplies reduces the cost per unit. This translates to significant savings for our clients on their statement printing and mailing.

Towne Mailer’s quality assurance system also reduces costs. Every step of our processes is backed up with an automated system that prevents mistakes. From start to finish, our process is entirely computerized which greatly reduces, virtually eliminates, the occurrence of human error. Correcting mistakes can waste a business’s valuable time and resources which cost money. Avoiding errors from the start means lower costs.

Other Benefits Of Outsourcing Statement Printing And Mailing

Besides the money you can save, outsourcing your statement printing and mailing has plenty of other benefits that affect the quality of life for your in-house staff. Many studies demonstrate that the happiness of employees directly determines the success of a business. If you plan for your business to be successful, take care of your employees.

When you outsource your statement printing and mailing needs to a professional company, like Towne Mailer, you free up your employees to focus on their key competencies. Let’s face it, if you hired a strong staff, you most likely did not hire them based on their ability to print, stuff, and mail statements. By outsourcing this time-consuming task, you allow your staff to focus on the skills for which you hired them.

You can also create a more comfortable work environment. Large amounts of paper envelopes, printer ink, mail bins, and other mailing supplies clutter your office. Unless you have a large warehouse to stock your supplies, Towne Mailer is better suited to store bulk items than your office space. Give your employees room to work by outsourcing your statement printing and mailing needs.

Studies indicate that when statements are delivered in a timely and consistent manner, customers respond quicker. The quickest way to erode trust with your customers is erratic or late billing. Therefore, by outsourcing your invoice and statement printing and mailing needs, you improve your brand loyalty. Your company’s cash flow will increase as your customers pay their bills on time.

Towne Mailer

The founder of Towne Mailer, Michael Stronberg, was once an urban lawyer. When he decided to no longer practice law, he searched for a business that would meet market demands while also providing a valuable service. That’s when he and his wife decided to move to Montana to start a small print and mail service company.

It wasn’t long before Michael needed to expand his company to keep up with business demands. Plus, he continued to improve his model and moved into a warehouse with more than seven thousand square feet of workspace. That is how Towne Mailer grew from a small “mom and pop” service of only three employees, to a thriving business of more than twelve employees.

Towne Mailer is located in Missoula, Montana. We are a printing and mailing process company that helps businesses of all sizes and in all industries streamline their mailing needs. From all across the country, companies turn to us to save them time, money, and effort with their regular mailings. We constantly aim for excellence and get better at what we do daily.

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There is no need to be intimidated or concerned about the transition from in-house mail to partnering with a printing and mailing service. It is a simple, risk-free process. The first step would be to call us and talk about your printing and mailing needs. One of our friendly staff members can discuss what your goals are and offer a quote with no obligation.

Secondly, we will send you a link where you can upload a document. After you review the upload, you can make the final decision before we print and mail anything. You have complete control during this process. Once you have reviewed the document and given us the confirmation, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on any document!

That means your statements and other regular mail can be processed within 24-hours of the data-upload. For orders that are received by 8 am, we can have them processed and mailed the same business day. Imagine the relief this can have on your office.

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