Three Reasons to Outsource Print and Mail 

Outsourcing print and mail can be an excellent choice for small businesses because it cuts down on the cost of investing in expensive equipment and technology. Outsourcing print and mail allows businesses to focus on developing their business rather than maintaining their mailrooms. While businesses with a large warehouse space may choose to keep print-mail equipment in-house, smaller businesses may have to relocate existing space to accommodate the equipment. Here are three reasons to consider outsourcing your mailroom operations.

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Outsourcing your print and mail services is a cost-effective strategy for many reasons. Outsourcing providers leverage multiple levels of presort-automation to ensure your mail reaches its destination as efficiently as possible. In-house print and mail teams often are unaware of the ways to improve postage rates. Outsourced providers analyze your mail and suggest ways to save money, such as duplex printing or envelope sizing. Outsourced mail services also provide 24-hour tracking and reporting to ensure your mail arrives safely and on time. 

Outsourcing print and mail services are an excellent option for companies with high print and mail production needs. Outsourcing mail and printing services can cut costs by eliminating production, warehousing, and distribution costs, as well as the associated security and technology expenses. It also enables SMBs to concentrate on running their business instead of focusing on marketing and managing their mail and print needs. Outsourcing these processes can improve your business’s efficiency, productivity, and brand value. 


While dedicated personnel is usually responsible for handling a company’s print-mail efforts, this type of outsourcing allows companies to focus on other tasks. Not only does outsourcing mail help companies save money, but it also frees up employees’ time for more important tasks. Outsourced mail providers can handle mail preparation, printing, and mailing without the hassle of investing in mail supplies and dedicated office space. These providers can even complete mail jobs anywhere in the world. 

Another way that automation helps companies reduce costs and save time is through Intelligent Mail. It is a method of mail sorting that uses barcodes to track each mail piece. The mailer simply inputs relevant dates and a draft of the mail item, and the API prints the mail item. This process has many benefits for both small and large companies. But it is important to note that Intelligent Mail has a minimum piece requirement. First-class mail requires 500 pieces, while standard mail needs 200. 


Many businesses find that outsourced print and mail services are an excellent way to protect their bottom line. Outsourcing this service allows a business to keep the overhead low while accessing cutting-edge equipment and expertise. These savings can be substantial, even if your business only uses print and mail once or twice a month. Here are a few benefits of outsourcing these services. Read on for more information! Now you can save more than you might think! 

Outsourcing print and mail can provide many benefits for companies in industries with a high volume of mail. In industries with tight regulatory requirements, outsourcing these services can become necessary for their continued success. For instance, in the banking, healthcare, auto finance, and utility services industries, mail and print communications are critical touchpoints between companies and customers. Outsourcing these processes can save businesses tens of millions of dollars a year.