So often in business, perception is reality. We know that you supposedly only “get one chance to make a first impression,” and that is actually true – especially when you are dealing with the capturing of a professional image for your company.

There is so much competition these days – especially for those businesses that are hoping to have an impactful internet presence. The same can also be said for those companies that are hoping to maintain a stronghold in their local communities and existing customers. Competition truly makes business better and, in order to succeed, you must rise above your competition. The best way to do this is to convey a first impression that attracts new business. Once that is achieved, then it is up to you and your business savvy to retain your new customers.

Should you hope to attract new customers, then you will need to look like you are a true professional that wants to earn their business. The same goes for your existing customers. They are going to want to continue to do business with a professional company that resonates an image of success. The best way to achieve this goal is to employ the services of a printing and mailing service. They will partner with you to achieve the look you desire while ensuring that all of your communication – be it statements, bills, invoices, direct mail, and more – are timely in arrival and professional in appearance.


Stop Miscommunication In Its Tracks

So many problems that come up are simply due to miscommunication. Much of this miscommunication lies in improperly formatted and poorly presented correspondence. Think about the last statement you have received. How many tiny boxes, decimal points and fine print did it contain? Chances are, it contained a ton of it. It is easy for the recipient to misplace such a piece of communication, misunderstand such a piece of communication or, at worst, ignore it because they did not recognize its importance. Even though more and more communication is offered digitally, many consumers still prefer the tangible hard copy of what they find in their mailbox. This is where a printing and mailing service really shines.

What is it you are hoping to communicate to your existing and potential customers? Every business certainly depends upon proper communication and almost all businesses depend on print in some form or another. How are you hoping to combine the two? Monthly statements often reign supreme, but so do notices, special offers, thank you notes, and more. For example, should you hope to introduce a new service or update an existing service, a properly formatted piece of professional correspondence that stands out and offers easy-to-read and easy-to-understand instructions is the often the best route to take.

Should your company be one of many that thrive on paper communication, there is even more incentive to partner with a printing and mailing service and make your correspondence stand out. It seems that industries like the medical field, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, urgent cares, and like are dependent upon quality communication – often in the form of statements. This is particularly useful when third parties are involved. This ensures that the communication between ALL parties is easily identified and easily understood. This saves time and money in the long run. This improvement in customer communication is also imperative when it comes to customer service.

Another industry that greatly benefits from professional communication found in a printing and mailing service is that of the property owner. Should you be a manager or president of a traditional POA or HOA, then you will find that quality communication is paramount. Quite often statements and invoices are due monthly, quarterly, and annually. In addition to the minimum of communication, you will often find yourself making announcements such as rent increases, tax increases, new rules and regulations, and more. When you partner with a professional printing and mailing service, you can rest assured that your communication will be done in a manner that best represents you and your intentions.

When it comes to capitalizing on professionalism, a printing and mailing service not only answers the call it can also prevent you from having to do it yourself. Think about your daily routine… now think about adding all of the steps needed to convey a professional image. Yes, it’s a lot of work and work that requires a particular skill set, professional equipment, and the passion to deliver time and time again. Erase miscommunication and convey professionalism with a quality printing and mailing service.


Communication Pays The Bills

Proper communication is often the only thing standing in the way of getting paid. A professional image that is produced in the form of a proper and professional invoice drastically helps reduce miscommunication and helps to ensure that you get paid in a timely fashion.

When you generate sloppy and difficult to read invoices, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Even if a customer understands what is owed, you can give them an excuse to be late by delivering an invoice that does not live up to the standards of your products and services. It is far better to get ahead of the game by circumnavigating missed opportunities before they even have a chance to develop. How do you do that? You guessed it – by employing a professional printing and mailing service whose only job is it handle your invoicing and transactional correspondence. This means that your clients will receive what they need – and when they need it – to make sure you get paid what you’re owed and that you get paid when you are owed it.

You are busy. And, as a busy business owner, you can make mistakes. It is far too easy to stack invoices on top of one another with the goal of getting them out at the end of the week. Now, if you are not paid in a timely manner, it is your fault and not the customer’s. When you utilize the ability to get clear and concise invoices out on time, you are taking the load off of your desk and off of your shoulders.

When it comes to the cost of partnering with a printing and mailing service, you are saving money. Not only will you be saving time and energy by not having to chase down delinquent clients, but you are also saving a ton of manpower by not having to generate everything that is needed. In addition, the up-front cost of commercial equipment and the ongoing cost of consumables – such as ink, stamps, paper, maintenance, and more – are now the responsibility of the pros. Working with a printing and mailing service just makes good sense.


Acquire New Business

Investing in communication and professional image is a great move when it comes to retaining customers. Unfortunately, customers will leave you no matter how great of a business you are. It is human nature. Situations change – sometimes people do not need what you are offering anymore. Sometimes they move. Whatever the reason, peoples’ needs change. This means that it is up to you to fill those gaps with new clients. How do you do that in an impactful, yet affordable, manner? Direct Mail.

While direct mail should only be a small portion of your business strategy, it should be considered an integral part of it. There is something to be said about a tangible product that you hold in your hands. It is a great way to make yourself known to those that have not discovered you and it is a great way to entice former customers to return.

It is easy to believe that the internet is the answer to all of your marketing needs. After all, almost everyone has it and many users spend much of their time checking email and frequenting the usual social media haunts. Yes, you need to have a presence here in order to be successful, but you need to keep a few things in mind. The internet is huge and everyone in your industry is doing the same thing. Depending on your business, you are going to want to target your local community and there is no better way to do that than with a tasteful direct mail campaign.

When working with a professional printing and mailing service, you can come up with a great mailer that can be in the form of a letter,  brochure, flyer, postcard, or more. It can be attractive, clear, and provide a special offer that is as enticing as it is practical. When you capture an email address, there is a strong chance that your email will end up directly in the recipient’s spam folder. This renders it useless and all of the effort it took to create it is wasted. When offering a piece of direct mail, however, you will know that the recipient has to physically touch it, look at it, and then either keep it or dispose of it. Either way, they are far more likely to actually experience what it is you are offering than if they received this communication via email or a sponsored Facebook message.


Towne Mailer

If you are considering partnering with a printing and mailing service, we encourage you to take a look at what Towne Mailer can offer. We have been in business for a long time and recognize the need to convey a professional image, communicate in a clear fashion, and the “necessary evil” that a direct mail campaign provides. We can work with you in a number of ways that will result in total cost savings and the retention and acquisition of new and existing business.


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