If you’ve already made the decision to outsource mailing services, processing, and printing of your statements or invoices, you still have a little work left to do: picking the best outsource provider for you. There are lots of companies that will help you with this service, but probably only a few are the right fit for your needs and your business.

How should you go about choosing the right invoice or statement outsource provider for your business needs? Here’s our best advice:

  • Do the math. All of our customers save money and time by using our service. We recommend that you speak to a few potential businesses to find out exactly what they charge and exactly what you could save. It’s the most concrete way to find out who can offer you the most savings and the most services. At Towne Mailer, we charge an all-inclusive fee that covers every step from printing to mailing to postage.
  • Consider intangibles like customer service. Even though cost is extremely important, we urge you to also consider what exactly you are buying with your money. Does the outsource provider you are speaking with have good response times and good turnaround times? Do they offer guarantees? When you call, do you get a machine or the voice of someone at the office, ready to help you?
  • Find a business that specializes in what you need. There are a lot of businesses that remote print, a lot of outsourcing businesses that process, and a lot of businesses that mail. Make sure that you find a business that specializes in the exact service that you want: the remote printing, processing, and mailing of statements and invoices. When speaking with the outsourcing company, ask them what they specialize in and what they do best.
  • Realize location isn’t always important. Some of our potential clients are surprised to hear that even though we are hundreds or thousands of miles away, their customers get mail just as quickly (or even more quickly) because of how fast we print and process. We have clients in most states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Read testimonials and reviews. The outsource providers you speak with will gladly sing their own praises. It is often more helpful to hear from their customers. Be sure to read testimonials, case studies, and online reviews – or ask for references. Make sure that some of the testimonials you read are from businesses that use the same service that you are looking for.
  • Pick up the phone. We believe that the best business relationships start with personal relationships – and we make a special effort to get to know the businesses we work with and our contacts at each business. We think that one of the best ways to find out if an outsource provider is a good fit is to call them up and speak with an employee there. Do you like what you hear? Do you connect with the person? That’s a good hint that they’ll be a great business to partner with.

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