Where Does Your Mail Go After You Send It Off? 

Are you wondering where the mail goes once you send it off? Well, it’s a long trip and not a quick dash to the mailbox. But, the mail is worth the wait. Especially if you are sending off a gift for your favorite teacher or the kid-in-law. And don’t forget about the post office box. Some people have two, so they have one at home and the other on the road. If you don’t have an address, you might as well get in the habit of keeping a pen and paper handy for your mail. 

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The best part is that the process is streamlined. Not only does the post office deliver your mail, but they can also help you with your correspondence. That’s not to mention they are often a friendly bunch. Unlike a sleazy telemarketer, you can ask questions and get answers. Plus, they’ll even let you re-send your undeliverables if you’ve forgotten. This makes for a more pleasurable experience for everyone involved. Whether you are sending a handwritten letter, a business card, or a parcel, they’ll do the dirty work for you. Just be sure to call in advance and give them a head start. For a small fee, they’ll put your mail in the post office of your choice. 

Aside from the post office, there are other ways to receive your mail. You can also opt to use a post office box or have it delivered to your home or office.