We get it. The idea of outsourcing your commercial mail services can seem overwhelming for a variety of reasons. Whether you are nervous about the loss of control or concerned that a professional service won’t be able to adhere to your deadlines, take a minute to truly learn about outsourcing your print and mail services. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding mail services that are outdated or simply not true and could be the reason you are missing out on the benefits.

Do you find that you dread your mail projects month after month? Then, it’s the perfect time to look into outsourcing. By simply reaching out to professional service, you can free yourself from the headache of getting your printing projects in the mail. And, you can free up time and resources to concentrate on the part of your business that you do best.

Whatever the reason holding you back, chances are there is an even more compelling reason to make the shift. As far as business decisions go, outsourcing your mail might be the best thing you’ve done for your company in a long time.

Misconception #1- Outsourcing means giving up control.

You are used to having complete control over your process. Passing your mail projects on to another company can feel like climbing out of the driver’s seat and handing over a very important part of your business. In reality, when you hire the right company to take on your mail, you are gaining a highly skilled partner. You will work together and maintain complete control over your process. They will work with you to understand your goals, suggest creative approaches to meeting your needs, and ultimately guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations.

Finding the right company is the key here because not every service is created equal. But a service that prioritizes its customers, is experienced in producing a quality product, and is committed to doing the job right will be invaluable to you as a customer.

Misconception #2- Outsourcing means sacrificing privacy and security.

Many companies put critical and sensitive information in the mail every day. For these organizations, the security of the information they send is of utmost importance. Whether you are mailing financial statements, medical information, or confidential business documents, you need to protect your business’s and your customers’ privacy.

You do not have to carry the burden of producing your mail just because you send sensitive information. Many mail services today have the capability and integrity within their operation to prioritize privacy as much as you do. You need to find one that readily has their employees sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) and HIPAA confidentiality agreements and has internal systems designed to support security. Outsourcing sensitive information is possible and can be handled just as securely as you would in-house.

Misconception #3- Outsourcing takes too much time.

It may seem counterintuitive that adding a printing service to complete your print to mail projects can save time. If you hesitate to outsource because the back and forth communication required to finalize your projects seems like adding work and complicating the process, it is a lot easier than you think. An excellent printing company will make communication, decision making, and production exceedingly painless for their customers.

Today’s printing services have developed streamlined and refined processes that guarantee efficiency. When you find a service that is responsive and values customer service, you will get timely communication and quick results. Outsourcing can actually get your mail into mailboxes quickly, with as much collaboration as you see fit.

Misconception #4- Outsourcing is expensive.

Most good things cost money, and printing and mailing services love to be the exception to this rule. The shocking truth about outsourcing to a professional mail service is that you can save money. When you factor in all of the costs associated with producing mail, including machine leases, maintenance and upkeep, material costs, office space, and labor costs, mail can be expensive.

It is rarely cheaper to produce your mail in-house. Professional services dedicated to producing mail run such a vast volume that it is hard to beat the cost savings they can pass on to your company.

Misconception #5- Outsourcing means giving up creative control.

Many people think that when you hire a print to mail service, you will be forced to adapt to their one-size-fits-all solution. While your printing service may suggest templates to start from, your mail will be as unique as your organization. Not only will a great print to mail service work to design and layout your project according to your needs and specifications, but they are also ready to collaborate with you on new and innovative approaches to your mail.

If you have been holding back on partnering with a company for all of your print and mail needs, now is the perfect time to find a professional whose services and values align with your business needs. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these services, and most of them are rooted in outdated information.

Today’s printing services are capable of meeting the unique needs of your business, whether you need to prioritize privacy, maintain control of your creative freedom, or push things out at a quick tempo.

Not only will your needs be met, but you will have the advantage of tapping into the vast knowledge of experts. With countless hours under their belts, mail experts will know more about the intricacies and options available for your company. From helping you lay out your invoices efficiently to ideas for saving you money with bulk mail to mastering the many rules and rates offered by the postal service, the wealth of knowledge you will gain for your company is invaluable.