Why We Need Direct Mail?


There are many things to consider when determining the cost-effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. Choosing an appropriate mailing list and focusing on cost-effectiveness will help you save money on the cost per piece. Direct mail campaigns can be customized to your specific audience, and targeting is vital to generating a high response rate. Your direct mail campaign’s cost will vary depending on its design, copywriting, direct mail list, printing, and distribution. Some businesses prefer to hire a third party to do the work, while others prefer to use their resources.

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The Postal Service’s marketing impact calculator helped an advertising firm in Iowa increase the frequency of direct mail in their marketing campaigns. Previously, the Iowa advertising firm only sent a limited number of direct mail pieces. Upon receiving the numbers, Hawkeye District Sales Executive Jo Eichelberger realized that direct mail could boost her marketing ROI. She began sending direct mail to every neighborhood, resulting in significant sales. Direct mail was more effective than traditional advertising and helped the firm achieve an overall higher ROI. 


Using personalization to tailor direct mail campaigns has become an increasingly popular marketing strategy. Personalization not only helps brands connect with their customers, but can also boost response rates. Personalization increases response rates by an average of 17%, according to a recent survey of 1,300 marketers. Personalization improves the quality of the mail and increases the perceived value of the gift. Read on to learn more about how personalized mail can boost your direct mail campaign. 

The customer journey is a critical part of marketing, and personalization enhances engagement and loyalty. According to one study, seventy percent of consumers view direct mail as more personalized than online interactions. It also helps boost ROI, since 77% of consumers recommend brands that offer personalized service. Even though personalization requires extra time and effort, it’s well worth the effort. Many studies have proven that personalization increases response rates. 


While emails may get ignored or be lost in a crowded inbox, direct mail is still a powerful medium that can deliver a significant return on investment. Personalized direct mail can increase ROI by 300% or even 1000%! Personalization of direct mail allows businesses to tailor the content to the target audience. Companies can also create variable data mails, where text and images can be changed according to the needs of the recipient. The ROI of direct mail marketing is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. 

Although there is a common perception that direct mail is less effective than other forms of advertising, the truth is that today’s modern tools make direct mail more effective than ever. Whether you send direct mail to residential addresses or businesses in your target market, direct mail has proven itself to generate one of the highest ROIs of any advertising medium. The following are some ways to maximize the ROI of direct mail marketing: