Why is Only Priority Mail an Option on USPS Print and Ship?

On USPS print and ship, you have the option to choose any shipping method and can choose your label, but why is only Priority Mail available? You might be interested to know that Priority Mail is cheaper than UPS, but there are some differences between the two. Priority Mail is also available on Sundays. Parcel Select, however, is an option that overrides Priority Mail.

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Parcel Select overrides Priority Mail

When you’re printing and shipping your packages with USPS, you can easily tell which service is being used by your customer by looking at the labels. Priority Mail is the most commonly used postal service. It’s identified by the letter “P” stamped on the label in the top left corner of your package, while Parcel Select is used for heavier and more delicate items. The wording on the label is clear and distinct.

Priority Mail is cheaper than UPS

Before we look at whether Priority Mail is cheaper than UPS, let us first look at the USPS. This popular delivery service offers a variety of services, including Express Mail. For items under seven pounds, Priority Mail Express will deliver the package within one to three business days. For heavier items, there’s also Retail Ground, which is very economical but can take more than a week to arrive. For smaller packages, first-class mail is the way to go. It will typically take three days to arrive, but you can choose to add tracking to it.

Priority Mail delivers on Sundays

Regardless of what day of the week you need your package delivered, USPS has a service that delivers on Sundays. Priority Mail Express promises to deliver your packages within one to two business days, including Sundays. Priority Mail, which is the standard service, delivers mail only Monday through Saturday. Different factors determine the delivery time, but customers can expect a consistent schedule. In most cases, USPS delivers mail on Saturdays.

Priority Mail is weighed to determine the shipping rate

The United States Postal Service calculates the Priority Mail shipping rate based on the weight of your package, its size, and its shipping distance. You can choose the tier of postage by selecting from a list of three different options. The Postal Office Retail option is the standard postage price you’d pay if you were to visit a USPS retail location. The Commercial Rates tier is reserved for high-volume shipping businesses and users of the Shipping Easy Paid Plans.

Priority Mail offers additional services

When you send a package to a customer, you should consider Priority Mail for its time-saving capabilities. Priority Mail has many options for you to choose from, including free Flat-Rate boxes, notified package pickup, and more. You can choose to print and ship your packages online or at a local post office. These services allow you to send your packages without the hassle of making several trips to the post office.