Why Do I Still Have to Print and Mail Forms? 

Traditional forms are not only inefficient but also a waste of time for your clients. Moreover, they can be prone to errors and inaccuracies when received. These mistakes have to be corrected, which can affect the reputation of your business. Hence, using PDF forms instead of traditional paper forms is a great option for businesses and clients. In addition, PDF forms allow you to customize your form.

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PDF forms are a waste of time for your clients 

While PDF forms are very popular for collecting information, they can create a lot of problems down the road. Not only are they inconvenient for your clients, but they can also lead to issues in terms of data security and workflow. While PDF forms are still widely used, they are no longer up to the standards of the digital world. Instead, you should be looking to switch to a more secure form format. 

For instance, if you have a PDF form for collecting customer data, you can easily split the name field into first and last names and a separate field for the date. You can also convert the fields into a clickable calendar. Changing the name of a field on a PDF form is as easy as changing the setting. Unlike the traditional PDF form, it’s possible to create the same form on multiple platforms. 

Getting a form is easy 

There are several ways to get a form online. The first is to make it look professional. Make sure the form is easy to navigate, and include a short statement about why you need the information. Also, keep your form organized and clean. Avoid long paragraphs of information, which can look unprofessional. When a lead fills out a form that’s not clear and unorganized, they’re not likely to convert. If your form looks good, your leads will know you’ve thought about their information. 

Another way to get a form is to embed it on a website or social media. Many forms are designed to be shared, which makes it easy for people to share them with others. This is especially useful if you want to make your form public. Besides sharing it, you can also email it to yourself or others. After getting a form online, you can use it to collect data for your business and get the results you need.