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One of the aspects of our business that we love the most is that we get to work with an extremely diverse clientele — from small doctor’s offices and family-run landscaping companies, to large, national corporations. We are here to impress and please, and it’s our daily joy to get to know each of our clients along with their needs, their goals, and their passions.

One of the most common questions we receive is: can my business benefit from your services? Below, we have your answer.

Just A Few Of The Industries We Serve With Print And Mailing Services

While we generally work well with any type of business that has 200 or more invoices, bills, or statements to print and mail a month, we often find we work best with some certain types of businesses that happen to have needs that we specialize in, such as sending large numbers of letters and invoices, or sending a significant amount of bulk marketing mail. Here are just a few examples of the types of businesses and companies we’ve worked with in the past:

Ambulance companies are vital to helping injured patients to the hospital in an emergency as well as to making sure patients of all kinds are safely transferred from one medical facility to another. We take care of all of their print and mailing processing needs so that they can focus on what’s really important.

Auto Parts companies make sure that we have everything that we need to keep our vehicles running smoothly and safely. We are here to make sure that auto parts companies get all of their important paperwork to the right people, from their vendors to the stores they supply, to the individuals who need specific parts as soon as possible.

Collection agencies have the difficult job of making certain that businesses get the payment that they deserve in the event that a customer fails to pay for goods or services. We are here to make sure that bills, statements, and collection letters reach their destinations quickly and accurately.

Dental offices and dentists help keep our teeth and our mouths clean and healthy. We help dentists, including orthodontists and oral surgeons, keep their paperwork orderly by helping them mail their many invoices, bills, statements, and letters.

Dermatologists have the important job of keeping our skin healthy, from helping our teens with acne to saving lives by diagnosing cancer. We are committed to helping dermatologist offices bill their patients regularly and swiftly so that they can afford to keep doing their good work.

Government agencies are known for their red tape — it’s just a hazard of their type of work. While we can’t do anything to make some government processes less complex, we can guarantee that the people they are corresponding with get their bills, statements, letters, and notices as efficiently as possible.

Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs), as well as condo associations and apartment building associations, often need to make a mailing to all of the homes, condos, or apartments in their association. We can help with all of these needs, including statements, meeting notices, surveys, and newsletters.

Home health care companies are so important to the health of our loved ones, and we are proud of helping them with their letter, bill, statement, and notice mailings.

Jury service and jury duty letters and notices are often sent by local, city, and county courts. It is so vital that these notices are delivered quickly and to the correct people so that our court system remains orderly and so that jury members are not accidentally missing appearances that are required under the law.

Lawn mowing companies keep our yards, and therefore our communities, beautiful. We love helping these small businesses flourish so that they can spend more time on their mowers and with their clients than at a table licking stamps and envelopes.

Medical billing businesses. It’s no surprise that medical billing businesses send a lot of paperwork through the mail. We are happy to help them make certain that patients get the statements and information that they need, quickly and clearly.

Non-profit organizations often have mailing needs that include bills and statements, donation letters, newsletters, and bulk mail. We love helping non-profits with the great work that they do for our community, our world, and the greater good.

Pest control businesses keep critters out of our homes — and we thank them for that! In return, Towne Mailer helps pest control businesses up to date on all of their statements, invoices, and letters so that they can concentrate on getting rid of bugs and rodents and things.

Pharmacies put their full concentration into making sure that their customers get exactly what they need, in the exact right amount, to help them feel better. We take on the task of printing, processing, and mailing their statements, letters, and bills, so that they can stick to what they do best.

Pool services make a splash by keeping our backyard parties going all summer long. We make sure that all of their customers are regularly billed every time that a pool receives maintenance.

Landscaping services make our yards beautiful, whether they are designing new spaces for new constructions or helping property owners spruce up their grounds. We stick in the warehouse and help mail all of their correspondence so that they can stay busy in the office and in the field doing their main job.

Storage rental businesses help us keep track of all of our stuff, even when we don’t have room for it at our home or apartment. They regularly need to mail their customers storage bills as well as other notices — all on top of any regular bulk mail advertising, and we are happy to help.

Utility companies make sure we have our basic necessities, from heat in our homes to water in our pipes to garbage pick-up every week. In turn, we make sure that utility companies keep in contact with their customers, whether they are mailing a bill, a newsletter, or a notice.

Waste management companies simply keep our towns and cities clean, and we thank them for that. We also help them with all of the printing, processing, and mailing needs.

Wireless to the people we love (as well as other people we just need to talk to). We help these communications companies to be regularly sending bills and notices to all of their customers.

Is There Anyone We Don’t Serve With Print And Mailing Services?

We’ve found that we can help the majority of businesses who contact us save both time and money. For example, we can help any business located within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and we can help businesses of most sizes, as long as they send a significant amount of mail to customers and clients each month (we’ve found the cut-off for significant savings is around 200 pieces per month). Many of the businesses who request our free quote are surprised by just how much they can save by outsourcing their print and mailing — while taking a task off of their plate at the same time.

Find Out If Towne Mailer Is The Right Print And Mailing Business For Your Needs

Even if you don’t see your specific type of business listed above, chances are that we may be able to help you. To find out more about our services, and whether they might be a good fit for your print and mailing needs, we invite you to call our team at (877) 882-6245. We can answer your questions, detail our services, and give you an exact quote on a job, so that you can understand exactly what you can save on printing and mailing, along with the many other benefits of outsourcing those tasks. Alternatively, you can contact us online by filling out this short form.

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