Which Shipping Service for Mailing a Ring? 

There are several different shipping services available when mailing your ring. Some options are First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Registered Mail, and FedEx. It’s important to remember that Priority Mail is not a guaranteed 1-3 day service, and First-Class Mail does not guarantee a delivery time of one to five days.

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Priority Mail 

Priority Mail is a shipping service that is used for letters, large envelopes, and parcels. Priority Mail is the fastest shipping method available for mailable items and is usually delivered within a few days in the United States. It offers free tracking and forwarding, as well as return and registered mail. 

Priority Mail provides insurance up to $100. However, if you’re sending valuables, you may want to consider using Registered Mail. While this option is secure, it’s not very fast, and USPS does not provide a timetable for delivery, which may not be practical for jewelry businesses. Another option is First-Class Mail, which is very similar to Priority Mail but is designed for smaller, lightweight packages. 

First-Class Mail 

The USPS offers two types of postage for rings: First-Class Mail and Registered Mail. Registered Mail offers added security and includes an option to purchase up to $50,000 of insurance. However, registered mail is slower than First-Class Mail, and it may not be practical for businesses dealing with expensive or valuable jewelry. First-Class Mail is similar to Priority Mail but is designed for lightweight and low-value packages. 

Priority Mail uses an envelope that’s larger than a standard envelope, and First-Class Mail uses a more secure box to keep your ring safe while shipping it. First-class mail is an excellent option if you’re trying to mail a large package, and it offers fast delivery. However, be aware that the USPS is experiencing a Coronavirus pandemic at the moment, so expect delays of three to four business days. 

Registered Mail 

If you’re planning to mail your rings, you may want to consider using Registered Mail. This service offers security and protection, including the option to purchase $50,000 in insurance. However, it can take longer to receive your packages than other methods. Because of this, it’s not always a practical option for jewelry businesses. Another option is First-Class Mail, which is more like an envelope or lightweight package. 

The United States Postal Service is a great choice for sending jewelry because of its low rates and fast delivery. First-class mail is a popular option for mailing lightweight items, and you’ll likely be able to get it delivered in 1-3 business days. However, since the USPS is experiencing a Coronavirus pandemic, delivery times may be delayed. 


If you need to ship a ring, you should consider using a FedEx shipping service. This shipping service provides additional protection for ring shipping. Its services can also include a trackable tracking number. However, FedEx cannot guarantee the speed of delivery for your package, which means it may take some time to reach its destination. If this is the case, you may want to consider other shipping options, such as third-party shipping services. 

FedEx offers Declared Value Advantage Service, which covers up to $1,000 in jewelry. This service is only available for businesses shipping jewelry. It cannot be used for one-time shipments of jewelry.