How to Use the Towne Mailer Service With a Mailing Box? 

The Towne Mailer service is a good option for customers who need to mail a package from their business or home but don’t have the time to go to the post office to pick it up. It offers a range of convenient features such as Pickup on Demand, free Flat-rate boxes, notified package pickup, and online packaging and shipping. It also lets users print and sends packages online. This feature saves time and effort because it eliminates multiple trips to the post office.

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Pickup on Demand 

You can receive your incoming mail or packages at a convenient time. If you’re not able to pick up your mail on a regular schedule, you can choose to have it picked up on demand by a Postal Service delivery person. The service provides three convenient pickup options. 

Post office box number 

A mailing box is the best way to ensure that your mail is delivered to the right person at the right time. You can easily find a box at any Post Office and it costs different prices depending on the size of the box and location. To ensure your mail is delivered to the right person, it is important to have the correct address. 

Street address 

If you are sending and receiving mail from a military address, you need to include the street address of your residence as well as the unit or ship name. You may also need to use a special ZIP code that you can find online. You must also sign the application for the service with the correct street and middle name. If you are unsure about what abbreviations to use, you can consult a list of commonly used abbreviations.