Is Towne Mailer Open on Saturday? 

If you have a mailing list, you might be wondering if the Towne Mailer mailing service is open on Saturday. You should keep in mind that major federal holidays close government offices, banks, and local USPS facilities. As a result, you won’t be able to send mail or receive packages these days. These include Christmas, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

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If you need to send a package on a Saturday, your best bet is the site using a mailing service that is open on Saturday. Although the USPS doesn’t deliver mail personally on Sundays, you can still send packages to friends and family through Priority Mail or Amazon. Since these companies have contracts with USPS to deliver packages on Sundays, they extend their hours on SunSundays


Whether you prefer to mail on a Saturday or a Sunday, Towne Mailer mailing services are available on those days. During the holidays, most banks and government offices will be closed. Additionally, USPS employees will be on holiday duty and unable to deliver mail to your door.