Which Mailing Service Enables Me to Ship From My Own Box? 

Many e-commerce businesses and online shops ship their goods from home, saving time and money by avoiding the post office. However, there are some drawbacks to shipping packages from home, including a lack of tracking capabilities and the risk of lost or damaged items. 

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Luckily, many major carriers offer services that allow you to ship from your own box at the same time as shipping to customers. These include UPS, FedEx and USPS. 

The best thing about these services is that they’re surprisingly easy to use, which means you can avoid the post office altogether if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. They also offer a variety of convenient features, including automated email and text updates to track shipments. 

  1. Cost: Pricing is determined by weight and size, which can vary based on the destination and type of package. If you’re sending a heavy item, you may want to consider Flat Rate shipping from UPS or FedEx.
  2. Package preparation: Before you start packing your boxes, make sure they are properly sealed. You’ll need to seal your parcels with either waxed paper or plastic wrap, depending on your product. If you need a little extra protection, you can cut up a piece of old t-shirt or a towel and place it around your item as a “space filler.”
  3. Packaging: To ensure your items arrive safely, carefully pack each item in its own box. This is especially important for items that are fragile or expensive.
  4. Labeling: Before you place your package in a mailbox, make sure that it is correctly marked with the shipping information. This includes the sender’s name, address and telephone number. The address should be written in large letters and printed in black so that it’s easy to spot if the delivery person opens the box.
  5. Tracking: If you’re using USPS, make sure that your package is assigned a tracking number, which is free with Priority and Express mail service. You can track your package with a tracking number by visiting the USPS website or by entering it in a mobile app.
  6. Saturday Delivery: With UPS, you can choose to have your shipments delivered on Saturdays for an additional fee. This option is ideal for busy e-commerce businesses, as it will help you get your products to customers in a timely manner.
  7. Click n Ship: For domestic Priority and Express Mail, USPS offers an online portal to print labels, order free shipping boxes, purchase postage, and organize free package pickup. It’s a great way to save time, but it does require an account and an internet connection.

Both UPS and FedEx have excellent customer satisfaction scores on the Consumer Affairs website, which is a great sign of a company that values its customers. While their Trustpilot reviews are nearly identical – both carriers score a 1.2 rating out of 1.5 – complaints about delivery problems and poor customer service are common.