Towne Mailer Company the USA 

The Towne Mailer Company USA is a leader in invoice printing and mailing services. The company is owned by Michael Towne. Originally from the big city, Michael moved to Montana with his wife and started a printing and mailing business. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded. To learn more about the company, read on.


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Towne Mailer is a leader in invoice printing and mailing 

Regardless of the size of your business, Towne Mailer Company USA has the tools to handle all aspects of invoice printing and mailing. Whether your business needs to send out invoices and statements or you just need your invoices to look great, they can handle the work for you. With a professional invoice printing and mailing service, you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to someone else. 

Whether you need a business statement printed for a financial institution or a medical practice, Towne Mailer is a premier invoice printing and mailing company. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures superior quality. Your statements will be professionally formatted, printed, and mailed on time. 

Michael Towne owns the company 

Michael Towne founded Towne Mailer Company USA in 1999 after working as a lawyer in a large city. Unsatisfied with his job, he moved to Montana to start a mailing and printing service. As his business grew, he expanded his services, hiring more employees and acquiring new software. Today, the company employs over twelve people and offers a variety of mailing and printing solutions. 

Towne Mailer Company USA is a parent company, affiliate company, partner, subcontractor, and supplier. Michael Towne is a member of the American Association of Mailing Systems and a Fellow of the American Institute of Mailing. He has served as a thought partner to over 75 CEOs, senior partners, and studio heads. 

Costs of printing and mailing letters, invoices, and statements 

Invoices, bills, and statements are an essential part of running a business. But they can be time-consuming, and often cost a company a lot of money. Outsourcing the printing and mailing of your documents can be an excellent solution. Outsourcing can reduce costs by hundreds of dollars a year. Moreover, outsourcing the printing and mailing of your statements and letters to a mailing house allows you to save on postage costs and storage space. 

Using a print and mail service to send bills and invoices is a great way to cut costs and improve your customer service. Using a print-on-demand service like PostGrid can help you eliminate the hassle of addressing, printing, and mailing your invoices. It also ensures that they are delivered safely and without incurring any delays. 

Cost of presorted first class mail 

Presorted first-class mail is an excellent choice for those with large volumes of mail. It cuts postage costs, enabling shipping companies to do less work and pass on savings to customers. Unlike regular mail, which has a set rate for each piece, presorted first-class mail can be sent for a fraction of its normal cost. 

There are a few conditions, though, to qualify for a discounted rate for presorted mail. For example, the letter you send should weigh at least 3.3 ounces. You can choose a higher weight for commercial first-class mail, but you must remember that the letter will not be sorted until it reaches the post office.