Towne Mailer – The Safest Mailing Service 

It is the safest mailing service 

When it comes to mailing your statements and invoices, you can count on Towne Mailer to get the job done right. They are a professional printing and mailing service that has been around for over 20 years. Their state-of-the-art facility is over 7,000 square feet and features over 10 dedicated printing specialists. You can expect high-quality mailings that are both professional and safe. And because they are a BBB-accredited business, you can rest easy knowing that your statements are in good hands.

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Banks are required to send their clients’ statements on time. Clients are increasingly concerned about the security of their investments and money. That’s why they need to make sure their statements are sent out safely and securely. The safest mailing service can help banks send statements more reliably and efficiently without tying up their systems. You can also benefit from more flexible service. You can send a statement to your clients within two business days. 

It collects information through referrers 

To collect data about your usage of the Towne Mailer, we use referrers, IP addresses, and various environmental variables. Referrers are pieces of information sent to our web servers by your web browser. This information references the web address you visited before coming to our website. IP addresses are numbers that identify your computer on a network. This information is collected for various purposes, including statistics and advertising.