The Best Direct Mail is from Towne Mailer Company.

If you’re not sure what to use for direct mail, here are some of our top picks. We recommend Postcard Mania, SaaSMQL, Gunderson Direct, Moo, and Towne Mailer Company, and we’ll talk about which ones are the best. You may even have your vision in mind! So, how do you know which one will work the best for you?

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Postcard Mania

If you’re looking for the best direct mail solution, you should try Postcard Mania. This multichannel marketing platform combines direct mail, follow-up ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and call tracking. The company’s marketing strategy targets people who have previously received mail promotions. These ads are designed to look just like traditional postcards. Using Postcard Mania, you can get thousands of postcards for pennies on the dollar.
While Vistaprint provides direct mail for postcards and other printed materials, it’s important to know that you’ll be responsible for arranging the delivery of the items you order. This is why Postcard Mania is the best direct mail service for targeted marketing. Using their technology, you can target the most qualified prospects with minimal effort and money. Another key advantage of Postcard Mania is its speed and flexibility. It’s easy to customize postcards and flyers, and they’ll get them to you quickly.


The Towne Mailer Company recommends SaaSMQL as the best direct mail service for generating leads and opportunities. The company’s recent campaign generated 50 qualified meetings and over $2 million in less than two months. They offer multiple mailing types and a graphic designer. Besides their email campaign, SaaSMQL is one of the few direct mail services that offer account-based marketing campaigns.
SaaSMQL provides account-based demand generation for SaaS businesses. The PostGrid API enables businesses to easily track and fetch data, pursue new prospects, and invite prospective students. This service is ideal for both internal and external communication. Nonprofits, for instance, must stay in contact with their donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. SaaSMQL’s powerful features make it easy to stay connected with your audience.

Gunderson Direct

If you are considering a direct mail campaign, Gunderson Direct may be a good option. They can design materials, develop mailing lists and send collateral to prospects. Contact the company through their website to learn more about their services. You can also use their direct mail calculator to see how much a campaign will cost. The company says that most clients can scale their programs within three months. They are also fairly affordable compared to other agencies.


Moo direct mail offers the ability to design up to 25 different designs for your direct mailing campaigns. While many other direct mail companies offer options for the paper stock used, Moo offers an array of luxurious options, including layered stock with a bright center color. The website even has a blog that provides design tips and tricks. If you’re looking to create a modern direct mail marketing campaign, Moo is the company for you.
Moo direct mail offers a range of postcard printing services for a range of sizes and styles. Their design tool makes it simple to select the exact shape, size, and features you need. The company also has an in-house design team and a selection of templates for a variety of designs. Moo isn’t cheap, so if you’re looking for a luxurious finish and high-quality designs, you may want to consider another company.