Where to Get Boxes For Mailing? 

There are several places where you can find boxes for mailing. Small grocery stores, apartment complexes, and even online are great places to find inexpensive boxes and envelopes. The USPS also delivers free boxes and envelopes through Priority Mail. It’s a great way to send packages quickly and efficiently.

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Grocery stores 

Grocery stores often have large quantities of boxes on hand, as they receive shipments daily. If you are planning to ship items, let the store manager know that you need boxes for mailing. They will be more than happy to accommodate you. Other options include sporting goods and dollar stores. A home supply store such as IKEA will also have plenty of boxes available. 

You can also get free boxes from work. Your workplace may have reams of paper that can be packed into boxes, so they are likely to have extra boxes that you can use. Recycling centers can also be a great source of extra boxes. If you’re a member of the grocery store, they may also have stacks of free boxes. 

Apartment complexes 

When it comes to getting boxes for mailing, some apartments have special rules and regulations. For instance, mailboxes must be accessible for delivery and must be in good repair. Additionally, they must be free of clutter because it can prevent mail carriers from getting into the mailbox and cause a delay in the delivery. Additionally, apartments need to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for mailboxes. If they don’t meet these standards, they will be required to turn away mail. 

Using an apartment as the shipping address reduces the risk of package damage and theft. Also, knowing where a package is when it arrives is the easiest way to protect it. Most food delivery apps, as well as mail and parcel carriers, will allow you to track the location of your package. They also keep detailed records to ensure that your package is delivered safely. 


If you have an offer and need a box for mailing, OfferUp is where to go. This mobile marketplace app has recently acquired Letgo, which had a similar service. All you have to do is type “free boxes” into the search field and you’ll see listings near you. 

OfferUp also has a messaging system in its app, so buyers and sellers can communicate safely and securely without exposing their personal information. If you’re unsure about a seller’s reputation, look for multiple reviews, clear images, and no requests to contact them outside of OfferUp. Also, make sure you only send electronic payments through the OfferUp app – don’t send cash or a check, which are harder to trace. 


Choosing the right shipping box is essential if you are going to mail items on Amazon. A box made for a particular product is the best way to avoid damage. However, if your product comes without a box, you may have to add additional padding to prevent your shipment from falling apart. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before you choose a shipping box for your Amazon items. 

When it comes to boxing sizes, a standard shipping box should be around 25 inches long. Boxes larger than this will be too bulky and can become too heavy for your shipment. The maximum weight of a box should not be more than 50 pounds. If you exceed these limitations, you will face a fee of $75 or more.